The New Nats: 4 gamers Washington hopes will make it again to the postseason.

Josh Bell: Washington traded two young pitchers for this hard hitting first baseman. The trade could be a bargain for the nats.

Bell is only 28 years old and has produced impressive numbers for his old team, the Pittsburgh Pirates. (I know because I’ve followed the pirates since playing for a Little League team of the same name.)

Bell was an All-Star in 2019 when he completed 37 home runs and 116 runs in (RBI). He sagged in the short season last year. But I suspect he’ll jump back and give the Nats a big bat in the middle of their lineup.

Lester has been great during his 15 year career with a record 193-111 (193 wins and 111 losses). But he’s 37 years old and has thrown many innings. Does he have a few innings left for the nats?

Kyle Schwarber: The Nats are hoping to bring this bat with their young outfield players Victor Robles in the middle and Juan Soto in the right field to the left field. Robles is better prepared to catch a lot of balls in left midfield as Schwarber is not a great outfielder.

It also swings big and misses big. In 2019, Schwarber blew 38 home runs for the Chicago Cubs. But it also turns out roughly 28 percent of the time it goes on the plate. That is much. If Schwarber can reduce his strikes just a little, he can still be of great help to the Nats.

Brad Hand: Relief pitching is very important in today’s MLB games, as starting pitchers almost never throw a full nine-inning game. Teams therefore need a lot of good helpers. That’s why the Nats signed Hand, a left-handed player who has saved more than 100 games in the past four seasons. Hand should give Washington manager Dave Martinez another great option for those crucial final outs.

Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to think about baseball.

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