The PeoplesBank Connection Heart helps superior automation expertise

PeoplesBank’s Connection Center helps customers visualize and realize their lifelong dreams

“We have used innovative technology in all areas of the room, including custom curved LED screens with direct view, bespoke applications on giant touchscreens, environmental controls and room automation, video conferencing and wireless collaboration.” Ben Mahtani, PWCampbell

PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company, announced the completion of the Connections Center in the heart of Lancaster City, PA. Located at 101N Queen Street 101NQ, this state-of-the-art location serves as a model branch to help clients visualize their life goals and dreams and consider the financial resources to achieve them.

The aim of the Connections Center is to go beyond typical product discussions to have meaningful conversations with customers about their lifestyle and future results. The debut at this location gives visitors the opportunity to create a personal or business vision board using interactive screens. This unique approach moves employees from a traditional banker role to a finance mentor and helps guide clients towards their goals and dreams based on their current situation.

The unique PeoplesBank experience is accompanied by relaxed seating areas, including booth seating, high tables and conversation areas. There are no desks at this point, and the checkout line is on the back as a secondary feature. Customers can serve themselves with concierge agents to provide assistance so they have full access to all devices.

“We are excited to bring a new banking experience to Lancaster City to meet the needs of the community. We have identified Lancaster City as an underserved, high growth market and are pleased to offer a solution for consumers and businesses who are less likely to visit their local offices, ”said Craig Kauffman, President and CEO.

To bring this brand vision to life, PeoplesBank hired PWCampbell, a fourth generation family-owned retail and design company based in Pittsburgh, PA. In order to realize the brand vision, PWCampbell has created an impressive environment with contemporary design features, customer-friendly screens, comfortable meeting areas and conference rooms that provide more privacy. In creating this unique environment, PWCampbell has been able to design and deliver a complete solution based on industry leading technology. With a comprehensive innovative approach to technology, PWCampbell has helped transform this branch into the bank of the future.

“Our design team created an engaging banking experience powered by technology,” said Ben Mahtani, chief information officer at PWCampbell. “We have used innovative technology in all areas of the room, including custom curved LED direct view screens, bespoke applications on giant touchscreens, environmental controls and room automation, video conferencing and wireless collaboration,” he continued.

PWCampbell chose Universal Remote Control (URC) software and hardware solutions to enable this cutting-edge experience with a world-class automation and control system. Using URC’s Total Control® to integrate the day-to-day operations of the bank was a unique approach. With URC products at the core of the systems, the installation provided bank staff with control. Employees can change any screen with the touch of a button while viewing a variety of custom images and go from custom kiosk to wireless collaboration in seconds. The URC system also controlled frosted glass panes in the conference rooms, which enabled the conversion from public to private within milliseconds. This level of control allowed the branch to be opened and invited in one second while being private and secure the next.

Mr. Chang K. Park, Founder and CEO of URC, stated, “Our close collaboration with distributors like PWCampbell creates world-class automation and control systems that exceed commercial customer expectations.” He continued, “This state-of-the-art facility received our annual unmatched Award recognizing excellence in the design and delivery of commercial systems. “

PeoplesBank plans to implement Connections Center design elements in new locations and integrate the Vision Board concept into the entire retail sector.

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With more than $ 2 billion in net worth, PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc., the largest independent financial institution based in York County, Pennsylvania. PeoplesBank offers a full range of consumer, business, asset management and mortgage services in financial centers in communities across South Central Pennsylvania and Central Maryland.

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Kristen Heisey, Vice President, Director Marketing & Customer Experience



Well known and recognized in the financial services industry, PWCampbell is a fourth generation family owned retail company and a true design-build company. The company was founded over 110 years ago and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of architecture and construction services including high quality building design, demographic research, creative retail branding, merchandising, digital marketing, interior design, and design and furniture coordination, and architecture and construction services. PWCampbell offers a turnkey management process to create the best facilities for each customer’s needs. We always work to provide the best furnishing solution that is delivered on time and on budget. We provide these services to the finance, healthcare, education, retail and housing industries. More information is available at

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James Caliendo, chairman of the board


URC is headquartered in Harrison, NY, USA and is a leading global provider of smart home automation and control solutions. URC technology is known for unmatched performance and reliability, with over 100 million remote controls sold in the last 10 years alone. URC control systems include Total Control, MX HomePro and Complete Control. The innovative URC user interfaces include tabletop controllers, integrated touchscreens, handheld remote controls, keyboards and mobile apps, as well as the integration of voice control into Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. URC systems are custom designed, installed and maintained by a network of URC trained system integration professionals. Award-winning technical support and training make URC the best choice for home automation.

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Ron Pence – Head of Marketing, URC


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