The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics is exploring the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport Alternatives. Information, Sports activities, Jobs

.File Photo The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics is examining human resource development opportunities at Wheeling-Ohio County Airport, according to Ohio County officials.

CYCLING – The Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics is committed to developing a relationship with the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport.

Ohio County Commissioner Zach Abraham, who recently formed the Ohio County Airport Authority’s board, spoke at the commission’s meeting this week about a recent PIA visit to the airport.

“They came to the airport to see what educational opportunities we could consider at the airport.” Said Abraham. “They are partners or set up their facilities at these airports.”

PIA already has locations in Youngstown, Ohio; Hagerstown, Maryland and Myrtle Beach. The main location is outside of Pittsburgh International Airport.

The school offers training in aeronautical mechanics and aeronautical electronics. These are two year programs.

“We looked into that and whether we had the potential numbers to recruit people for these services. It would be like a kind of personnel development. “ Said Abraham.

“They didn’t think the numbers would be there right now, but they thought there were some things they could do to help us in other ways.”

Sometimes PIA works with other technical schools, so Abraham said representatives from West Liberty University and West Virginia Northern Community College were there to discuss with PIA.

“Sometimes they do what is called an ‘articulation agreement’.” he explained. “This means that they will be the entity providing resources or tools and going through any type of certificate or diploma agreement for individuals in these programs.”

Those in attendance also learned about PIA’s use of flight simulators, its connections with other agencies, and the tools they could provide on-site.

There is also potential for flight schools and engineering at the airport, he said.

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