The Pittsburgh nonprofit wants a brand new van to move homeless veterans

Veterans Place, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit, is required to raise $ 35,000 to receive a grant to purchase a new bus that will bring homeless veterans to the Washington Boulevard, East location for food, counseling, professional training, and other services Liberty can be transported.

The nonprofit just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a $ 35,000 grant from an anonymous Pittsburgh Foundation.

“We are finding that veterinarians are in need of a variety of support services when transitioning out of the military due to military service transition issues and injuries such as PTSD and general trauma,” said Robert Hamilton, the Lower Burrell-based CEO of the military.

The National Coalition of Homeless Veterans estimates that 49,000 veterans will be homeless in the country on any given night.

Veterans Place picks up the homeless from shelters and brings them to their East Liberty location to provide a range of services to address the major causes of home instability, including substance use disorders and mental illness.

“The vets we serve face complex obstacles and extreme conditions,” said Hamilton. “Without our services to support housing, assistance and recruitment, these veterans would be on their own during critical times with the pandemic, severe weather and lack of transitional support from the military.”

Veterans Place serves between 500 and 800 homeless vets annually in Allegheny and Westmoreland counties and the surrounding areas, according to Hamilton.

That is, when his van drives on to pick up homeless vets in emergency shelters.

The old van is on its last legs and the nonprofit needs to buy a new one ASAP before it breaks down, Hamilton said.

In addition to its reliability, the new bus with 12 passengers, unlike the current vehicle from Veterans Place, offers disabled access.

Mary Ann Thomas is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Mary at 724-226-4691,, or on Twitter.

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