The Pittsburgh Police Division is investigating violent combating at Steelers Sport

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6:36 a.m. PT – Pittsburgh police say they have opened an investigation into the incident … TMZ Sport Police are “actively working with Heinz Field Security on this matter”.

Police added that they will ask anyone with information to call 412-323-7800.

The hits at the Steelers and Lions game didn’t just happen on the field, the fans got involved in the action … with a nasty brawl triggered by a woman slapping a man in the face.

The now viral video shows the man and woman having some sort of argument, and you hear the woman screaming something like, “Shut up and get away!” The woman apparently made contact while screaming because the man tells her “don’t touch me” and wipes her hand away.

Then you see the woman giving the slap … and all hell breaks loose.

Fists fly, and a man sitting next to the woman, and apparently someone she knows, jumps in her defense. The man who was slapped connects to both the man and the woman … and one blow seems to knock the guy out.

Fortunately, other fans of the game jumped in before it got any worse. It is currently unclear where the whole thing started and whether there have been any arrests.

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The fight is the second mad brawl between fans in as many weeks … a video from LA last week showed one total frenzy during the Rams game.

As for the Pittsburgh game, it was just preseason … but the Steelers beat the Lions 26:20.

Originally published – 8:35 AM PT

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