The place Was Netflix’s ‘Candy Woman’ Filmed? What To Know Concerning the Filming Location

Sweet Girl on Netflix is an action movie, and like most action movies, it features improbable sequences where the lead characters—in this case, Aquaman star Jason Momoa—pull off impossible stunts. But Sweet Girl, which began streaming on Netflix today, is the kind of action movie that is also grounded in reality. That’s in large part thanks to the fact that movie was filmed on location rather than on sets or Hollywood backlots.

Momoa stars as a man named Nick grieving the death of his wife, who, he believes, could have survived her cancer if the greedy CEO of a pharmaceutical company hadn’t pulled a life-saving drug off the generic market. When Nick is offered a chance to pursue justice, he gets sucked into a bigger conspiracy than he thought possible. Worse, he drags his teenage daughter, Rachel (Isabela Merced) into danger.

The two of them are forced to go on the run, and some punch-punch, bang-bang action ensues. But where, exactly, is Momoa when he is punching and shooting things? Read on to get the scoop on the Sweet Girl filming location.


Sweet Girl was filmed on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. In an interview for the film’s press notes, director Brian Andrew Mendoza explained that the film was originally set in New York City. But after scouting both New York and Pittsburgh, Mendoza said, “we just knew. I love places that have character to it, that have grit to it, and Pittsburgh has that all over it. It’s worn by the people.”

Mendoza added that Pittsburgh “has a special place in my heart too because my wife gave birth to our son a week before we started shooting. It was where my son spent the first few months of his life.”

According to the director, about “80 percent” of the locations seen in the film were shot in the real place. That includes the Carnegie Museum of Art for a fancy gala scene, and on a live, moving train for a fight scene in the Pittsburgh subway system, The T.

“We had to choreograph the fight to fit perfectly in between the two stations, culminating with Rachel being thrown out of the train doors. It was very challenging but also very rewarding pulling it off,” Mendoza said.

For the grand finale, a climactic sequence was shot at PNC park, the baseball stadium that is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates. For that shoot, Mendoza said, “the scope was massive. We had I think 80 cars on the bridge and about 800 extras leaving the stadium. The people of Pittsburgh were so fantastic.”

So there yinz have it! Sweet Girl is all about representing the great city of Pittsburgh.

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