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PITTSBURGH – Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors in most places: That’s new guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Thursday.

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However, stores, corporations, and other businesses may still require you to wear one.

Channel 11 spoke to Allegheny County executives and business owners about how they will enforce the latest guidelines.

Allegheny County’s executive Rich Fitzgerald spoke to Channel 11 shortly after the state health department lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. We asked him how Allegheny County is going to enforce the latest guidelines.

“It’s almost like the honor system. I think peer pressure when you work in an office. Everyone knows who is vaccinated and who is not. If you are not vaccinated and do not wear a mask, you are violating these protocols and procedures, ”said Fitzgerald.

We also spoke to local business owners who said they were excited to hear the news but concerned about the honor system.

“What else do we do? We can’t say, “Hey, give me your ID and show me you’ve been vaccinated,” said Mike Simoni, owner of Crafty Jackalope.

Fitzgerald told Channel 11 that if you’re two weeks ahead of your admission, you can show up to the polls without a mask.

We keep a list of locations so you know before you go.

Here are places where you still have to wear a mask:

  • aim
  • Giant eagle stores
  • Duquesne University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Port Authority buses, light rail
  • Pittsburgh International Airport
  • Commercial flights
  • Fox Chapel Area School District Schools

You don’t need a mask here (according to the CDC in general) if you are fully vaccinated:

  • Personal vote for elementary school in May
  • Hairdresser or hair salon
  • Shopping centers
  • Museums
  • movie theater
  • Church services
  • Restaurants
  • bars
  • Gyms / exercise classes
  • Parades
  • Sports events
  • Exercise outdoors
  • Backyard cookouts

Do you have a specific place or event that requires masks or not? Let us know so we can keep this list updated. Email us at

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