The Robust Mudder Endurance Problem is coming to Pittsburgh

Just add mud and water to a wild obstacle course and let the race begin.

by: Karen Compton

Posted: Mar 2, 2021 / 8:08 PM EST
Updated: March 2, 2021 / 8:08 PM EST

PITTSBURGH, PA (WTRF) – If you think you can crawl through mud, steer a vertical ascent as jets of water slam your body, or climb towering web mountains, you might want to stop by this world-famous one Attend endurance event coming to Pittsburgh.

Three state residents who believe they have a competitive edge can get dirty at the Tough Mudder endurance tournament in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

The competition will take place on October 2nd and 3rd at Coopers Lake Campground.

The Tough Mudder encourages participants to push themselves to the limit on a mud-soaked obstacle course. Teamwork with other racers is recommended.

42nd Annual Wheeling Toughman Competition scheduled for May

To date, 5 million people have participated and more than $ 15 million has been raised for charity, according to the Tough Mudder website.

There are different levels of competition, including 3 miles, Tough Mudder Classic (8-10 miles), and a Tough Mudder racing series with 5-10 mile loops.

Obstacles are terribly challenging with names like Mudderhorn, Black Widow, Gauntlet, Entrapment, Cage Crawl, and the Block Ness Monster.

Running mud-soaked trails, climbing chain link fences, swimming in cold water, and climbing walls are some of the obstacles on the trail.

There’s also a Mudder Village Festival, which features games, drinks, and food, as well as camaraderie and live entertainment.

For information about the event or to register, visit the Tough Mudder Pittsburgh website.

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