The salon has a free lunchtime sequence on how the pandemic impacts ladies

Women work a third more often in a disused sector, are more often on leave, and 47 percent have lost or quit their jobs more often during Covid. In addition, women take on more childcare and housework than men.

The Salon, a women’s club founded in Lawrenceville last March, is running a series of free, expert-led zoom panels this week explaining how the pandemic has affected women in business. Register online for Centering Women in Economic Recovery and take part in one or all five discussions.

Every day from January 25-29 at lunchtime, various speakers will examine the regional impact of Covid and discuss the strategies and measures needed to build an infrastructure for women that supports gender equality. Participants are invited to ask questions and share their own insights.

In an interview with NEXTpittsburgh, Anne Sekula, co-founder of The Salon said that the individuals and groups the club has worked with over the past 10 months have been strong voices for women and gender equality and it was important to share their insights with you a larger community to share.

More than 150 people have already registered for the virtual series of events, which is broadcast live on Facebook for one hour every day. NEXTpittsburgh is a media sponsor.

  • The topic presented by the Women & Girls Foundation on Monday focuses on state and federal politics.
  • On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Business Group on Healthcare will look at the private sector and corporate response.
  • The response of the local government and the public to the crisis will be discussed on Wednesday.
  • Thursday will focus on nonprofits over nonprofits.
  • Trying Together closes the series on Friday with an insight into childcare and public education.

Photos courtesy of The Salon.

In preparation for the event, Sekula and her business partner Cathy Lewis Long contacted female executives from organizations with expertise in politics, business, society, the public sector and education. Speakers include Claire Ewing-Nelson from the National Women’s Law Center, Michelle McMurray from the Pittsburgh Foundation, Carol Joyner from Family Values ​​@ Work, Rosamaria Cristello from the Latino Community Center, Rochelle Jackson from the Black Women’s Policy Agenda, and Bobbi Watt Geer from United Way from Southwestern PA and more.

Sekula and Lewis Long also looked at the latest data on “Assignment,” the economic impact of Covid, and the disproportionate impact on women.

Sekula hopes employers – and society in general – will better understand the needs of working mothers.

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