The self-driving firm Aurora confirms its dedication in Pittsburgh and donates US $ 65,000 to fund native STEM initiatives

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today, the self-driving company Aurora announced that it will continue to expand its presence in Pittsburgh, making the city its official corporate headquarters.

To celebrate this moment, Aurora is donating $ 65,000 through DonorsChoose to fund STEM-related inquiries from Pittsburgh teachers – a way to support future generations of technologists as the new school year begins.

Today’s news follows an economic impact report showing that the autonomous industry is creating thousands of jobs in the area.

“With its incredible universities and focus on innovation, Pittsburgh has been home to Aurora since our inception and we are committed to growing right here in this community. With a firm belief in the future of this city and its workforce, we are excited to have our corporate headquarters here and to make a donation that will help fund the city’s next generation of technologists and robotics, “said Aurora VP of Government Relations Gerardo Interiano.

“Pittsburgh is the birthplace of automated vehicles, and Aurora’s HQ decision solidifies our talent and industry as a leader in this field,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. “We look forward to continuing to work with Aurora and this industry as we safely and efficiently develop the future of transportation.”

“I’m incredibly excited that Aurora has selected Pittsburgh as its corporate headquarters. Aurora has been an excellent partner in this city and a vital part of our growing autonomous vehicle economy. Together, we will continue to make Pittsburgh a leader in 21st century mobility.” said Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto.

With the donation, Aurora is funding a variety of MINT-related projects – helping third graders get supplies for building volcanoes, buying a color printer for a 5th grade classroom, and funding a digital microscope, science experiment books, and an incubator to hatch Chickens eggs.

“I am delighted that Aurora has chosen Pittsburgh as its headquarters. This is yet another sign of Pittsburgh’s leadership in technology and self-driving vehicles with the research and workforce infrastructure companies are looking for. I see this as a strong commitment from Aurora to our community as a great place to do business, ”said Congressman Mike Doyle.

“Aurora has been calling Pittsburgh and Allegheny Counties home for a long time, but it’s official now. We are delighted Aurora has made this decision and welcome the opportunity to continue our partnership and collaboration with the company as it builds on the innovation for which it is known, ”said Rich Fitzgerald, Executive, Allegheny County.

With the majority of its 1,600 employees in Pittsburgh and a growing team, the company continues to expand its presence in the city. Last year, new office space was added on Smallman Street in the vibrant Strip District, as well as 50 33rd Street, the Crucible Building, 85 36th Street and a test track in Hazelwood.

In addition to Pittsburgh, other Aurora locations are the Bay Area; North Texas; Bozeman, MT; Seattle, WA; Louisville, CO; and Wixom, MI.

About Aurora

Aurora was founded in 2017 by experts in the self-driving industry and has set itself the task of providing the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly and comprehensively. To move both people and goods, the company is building the Aurora Driver, a platform that brings together software, hardware and data services for the autonomous operation of cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. Aurora is backed by Sequoia Capital, Baillie Gifford, funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates among others, and works with industry leaders such as Toyota, Uber, Volvo and PACCAR. Aurora tests its vehicles in the Bay Area, Pittsburgh, and North Texas. The company has offices in these areas as well as in Bozeman, MT; Seattle, WA; Louisville, CO; and Wixom, MI. To find out more, visit

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