These are the 10 finest American cities for cats, based on OneVet

Girl holding cat by the window – good cat cities and bad cat cities

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We all know that it’s just your cats’ house that you can move into. (Someone has to clean the litter box.) But if cats really ruled the world – instead of manipulating us as their meaty puppets – where would they want to live?

Animal health subscription service OneVet might have the answer, at least when it comes to cities in the United States. When measuring American cities by their cat accommodations – the abundance of pet-friendly rentals, veterinarians, cat cafes, cat adoptions, and pet stores – OneVet ranked the top 10 best cities for cats and the 10 worst.

Here are the top 10:

10. Riverside, California.

9. Tampa, Florida.

8. Minneapolis

7. Denver

6. Atlanta

5. Cincinnati

4. Pittsburgh

3. Salt Lake City

2. Orlando

1. Miami

Miami topped the list with its high adoption rate (642 adopted cats per 100,000 population last year) and numerous pet stores, OneVet wrote. Florida cities make up a third of the top 10, which is very similar to a list of the 10 best cities for dogs that we wrote about recently. Florida needs to be a place not just for retirees, but also for pets.

In the top 10, Denver was the leader in cat adoption with 1,342 per 100,000 population in 2020. Salt Lake City had the fifth highest adoption rate at 981 per capita.

Atlanta, Orlando, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh each made the top 10 lists for their number of cat-friendly rentals (a pretty big factor if you own a cat and want an apartment too). Somehow Austin, Texas made the lists for both high cat adoptions and available housing lists, but couldn’t crack the top 10 overall. Must need more cat cafes!

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(It was nice to see Kansas City, Missouri, rank 8th in cat adoption per capita. Greetings to two of those adopters, my cat cousins ​​Buzz and Harley Earl.)

Okay, we’ve seen the best. Now is the time for one of the worst cities for cats, according to OneVet.

10. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The story goes on

9. Houston

8. San Francisco

7. Detroit

6. Los Angeles

5. Phoenix

4. Jacksonville, Florida.

3. New Orleans

2. Memphis, Tenn.

1. New York

Start getting the message across: New York is not good for cats according to this model. The city, so beautiful it named it twice, scored an incredibly low 5.93 on the 50-point scale. Only 187 adoptions per capita and 17.3 cat-friendly rental units per capita were recorded, according to OneVet. You.

Plus, only New York, Houston, and LA even have cat cafes, so the other seven would never do very well on this exercise.

But the bottom line is: these cities may not have the most available accommodation or cat-friendly resources nearby, but as a dedicated cat owner, you can still find everything your cat needs to be happy and healthy. We’re sure.

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