“Tragic Loss:” Easton residents and firm collect to help daughter (4) after mom’s dying

Northampton County residents and businesses come together to support local mother Meghan Shearin Danielson’s 4-year-old daughter, who died unexpectedly on August 28.

Danielsons, a resident of Easton, was a former dancer who, according to a. from the University of Pittsburgh Memorial event in their honor from their parents, owners of Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee House.

“She was a bright light in our life with a loving and caring manner that entertained us with endless chatter,” it says on the event page. “We will miss her smile, her silliness and the love she showed for our family.”

While Quadrant will remain closed until further notice, another Easton store – 3rd & Ferry Fish Market on 3rd St. – has popped up selling gift cards to help the cafe stay afloat.

“Our hearts are broken for all of them,” read the post. “While we do not have the power to alleviate their pain, we have the power to ease their financial burden during this difficult time.”

The Fish Market is offering free $ 25 Gift Cards for the 3rd & Ferry with the purchase of a Quadrant Gift Card.

“Our favorite thing about this little town of Easton is the spirit of helping yourself when they’re down,” the post continued.

“Jo and her family have been part of the Easton downtown family for a long time. It is time we all showed them some love at a time when they desperately need it. “

Meanwhile, donations can be made to the college fund for Danielsons’ 4-year-old daughter Penelope Stefancin UGift529.com with Ugift code D8D-R1X.

Danielsons’ celebration of life takes place on Thursday at the Grand Eastonian Hotel & Suites Gold Room on Northampton Street in Easton.

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