Tuesday little one: Jonathon needs for his everlasting household | life-style

Jonathon is a compassionate and charming 12 year old boy with a captivating smile. He’s happiest when he can spend time with those he loves most. When visiting his favorite people, Jonathon is eager to catch up on anything he missed and share his latest news as well.

In his spare time, Jonathon enjoys a bit of everything. He is very active, so he often plays his favorite sports – basketball and soccer. His favorite teams are the Brooklyn Nets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. To relax after a long day, he enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite, Roblox, Among Us, and Rocket League.

Jonathon is in 8th grade and does well in school, especially when given guidance and encouragement from his teachers. The gym is his favorite subject, which is no surprise given his athletic hobbies. Jonathon is not set for a future career, but he is sure that he wants to be famous in whatever area he chooses.

Jonathon’s only wish is to leave foster care. He is open to all types of families as long as the family in question is nice to him. Jonathon cares a lot about his sisters, so he wants his future family to be open to maintaining his relationships with them. He longs to spend time with a family, whether he’s going to a trampoline park or staying together and watching movies. Jonathon needs guidance and unconditional love, and he strives to show this in return for a family.

For more information on Jonathon, please contact Sarah Marino at smarino@adopt.org or 267-443-1872. The Adoption Center is a private, non-profit organization that through public awareness raising, advocacy, family finding and well-organized adoption match events creates an enduring environment for foster children to encourage and maintain the strongest internships. Learn more at www.adopt.org.

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