“Uncooked Journey – The Musical” with “Anti-Flag” and “DakhaBrakha”

The feature segment is an exclusive interview with Pittsburgh-based, politically activist punk rockers Anti-Flag.

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The show also features a rare US television interview with global sensation Ukrainian gypsy folk world music band DakhaBrakha Kiev as they made their way New York City on tour in autumn 2019. DakhaBrakha is a worldwide sensation with a unique style, in which traditional, folkloric Slavic music is merged with gypsy-punk and modern sounds of rap, hip-hop and rock, resulting in a sometimes otherworldly but profound result leads moving sound. DakhaBrakha’s performances in traditional Ukrainian clothing with orchestral drums, accordions, cellos and harmonica only add to the spiritual, energetic and electrical atmosphere of their performances.

The feature segment is an exclusive interview and a look at the legendary politically activist punk band Anti-Flag. Officially founded in the early 1990s Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAnti-Flag has been a leader in socially conscious punk music for decades. You have worked with Greenpeace, Amnesty International and other organizations to raise awareness of pressing global social issues. Raw Travel caught up with the band during their stay in the New York City Area during an acoustic set in autumn 2019 long Island Looney Tunes Records and the following night in the East Village’s Mercury Lounge. The segment offers an exclusive interview with founding members, singer and guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic. They share their views on how travel, punk music and a socially conscious lifestyle fit together seamlessly.

The final act features a groundbreaking rockabilly band Bali, Indonesia, The hydrant.

The hydrant is known in Indonesia and rockabilly subcultures worldwide. The Hydrant refer to their specific music as “Rocka-A-Bali” as they masterfully blend influences of traditional Balinese sounds with the more modern styles of today’s rockabilly.

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