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By: John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s April 15th, but that has a different meaning in this year mangled by COVID.

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The Internal Revenue Service has moved the tax filing deadline to May 17th.

However, Michael Herzog, JD, Eckert Seamans’ tax expert, says this only applies to taxes in 2020.

“In the event that estimated tax payments are due for 2021, they must be made by April 15th. Although the IRS has extended the 2020 tax return filing deadline, it is until May 17th. People still need to remember that the estimated tax payments for the first quarter are still due and submitted by April 15th, ” he said.

As for your state taxes …

“Pennsylvania has followed state leadership,” said Herzog. “So for Pennsylvania purposes. May 17th will also be the due date when you can file your 2020 income tax return and make payments for 2020. “

Ohio and West Virginia have also extended their filing deadline to May 17th.

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However, it gets a little more complicated when filing your local tax return.

“It will really be crucial where you live, and you will want to be absolutely sure to check that the April 15 deadline is still firm and fast for the municipalities,” said Herzog.

In some cases the municipalities set their own rules, in others they use tax authorities.

“The caveat here is that you have to be very careful with the local income tax situation as some of the local collectors have stated on their websites that the deadline for filing local taxes will not change. Hence, their position is all that is due on April 15th, ”he said.

Keystone, which is a large part of our region, announced just yesterday that it would move the local tax deadline to May 17th, but that’s just Keystone.

“Some of the other smaller communities may not have a local collector with them,” he said. “So it could be a little different, and that’s why there are some differences in this data. So be really careful with your locals.”

Part of the problem is that lawmakers took steps to postpone the local tax filing deadline last year, but the bill for that this year has stalled in the Pennsylvania Senate.

The tax experts hear about it.

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“Our phones light up and we get a lot of emails. Given that governments have really messed up these different registration deadlines, there are a lot of unhappy people,” he said.

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