Vanessa Hudgens met her buddy Cole Tucker throughout a zoom meditation

Photo credit: Cole Tucker / Instagram

Though I will forever be the legendary high school musical couple Gabriella and Troy, I have noticed that Vanessa Hudgens is being booed with a new man. And sorry to Zac Efron, but I like this pairing.

The 32-year-old actress was first linked to her new 25-year-old boyfriend Cole Tucker back in November 2020, but now, almost a year later, things are heating up and they’re Instagram officials multiple times.

Cole plays professional baseball.

Cole is shortstop and outfielder – don’t ask me what that means, I hung my glove when I was 9 – for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was drafted at 18 and made his Major League Baseball debut in 2019!

Although Vanessa can’t make all of his games, she sends him lucky messages before he plays, a US Weekly insider. Awwwwww.

The couple had a pandemic meeting through Zoom

Vanessa told Entertainment Tonight that she and Cole ran into a Zoom meditation group and immediately noticed him.

“I think I just saw him and I was with my girlfriend and I was like, ‘Who is this?’ ” Vanessa told the Today Show.” And she says I don’t know I haven’t seen him. ‘ And I was like, ‘Wait, but who is there?’ “

“Zoom, you have to love it,” she added. Vanessa expressed her interest and basically stared at Cole while she was supposed to meditate.

“He said that he saw me watching him and talking about him while he was speaking and he said, ‘Do I have something on my face, do I have to stop talking about what’s going on?'” She said show today.

Vanessa took the first step.

Instead of activating her zen during this zoom meditation, Vanessa looked for her new love interest. And I love that, because who of us hasn’t indulged a little bit of zoom imagination?

“In the meantime, I’m just thinking, ‘Who is this boy?'” Hudgens told the Today show. She followed Cole on Instagram, he slipped into the DMs and the rest is history!

This couple loves to rave about each other.

The story goes on

Vanessa has told several news outlets how happy she is and how great her new husband is to her, and he returned the favor.

While speaking to reporters at spring training, Cole said, “I have a girlfriend and she’s cool. She is great, i love her. She’s gorgeous. She’ll be near. You will see them. “

I love love

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