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After a series of small pop-ups in 2020, the Pittsburgh VegFest is heading straight back to the 2021 festival. Attendees will sample live vegan foods from local restaurants and grocery vendors, shop at local small businesses, and meet animal-friendly nonprofits while listening to live music from local bands and musicians. can do.

“The excitement of VegFest in and around Pittsburgh is very positive and overwhelming, and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to this event,” said Leila Sleiman, Co-Founder of VegFest. “It has always been our goal to showcase and promote the best vegetarian food, talented artisans, small businesses and animal groups in town.”

The 7th VegFest takes place on Saturday, August 21st at Allegheny Commons Park in north Pittsburgh. The festival is free for everyone and starts with the Happy Vegan Pet Walk led by local celebrity pig Doc the Pig. Participants can then visit the vendor and enjoy a free bouncy castle, obstacle course, and climbing wall. Face painting.

The festival began in 2015, sponsored by Justice for Animals, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit founded by Suleiman and Natalie Fristic. Today the VegFest is an independent event and has been voted the best food festival several times. Pittsburgh City Paper ‘■ The Best Voices from Pittsburgh Readers.

For the 2020 pandemic, Sleiman and Fristick had to be creative by connecting vendors to Pittsburgh, which is interested in vegan food. They created a series of six weekend pop-ups around the city’s presale to keep traffic down and encourage people to buy VegFest vendors online.

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Photo: Courtesy Pittsburgh VegFest

However, the founder has five years of experience preparing and running the festival so this year it was easy to return to a full festival face to face. As the number of COVID cases in Allegheny County continues to change, the required safety measures continue to change, and Suleiman encourages attendees to follow all local and state guidelines at the time of the festival.

Over 50 grocery vendors will be attending, including Onion Maiden, Allegro Hearth X B52 and Pitaland. Caffeinated, alcoholic, and a host of other beverages are also available from vendors such as Pittsburgh Juice Company, Black Forge Coffee, Tree Cup Tea, and Whiskey Whiskey. For those who want a sweet treat, Sugar Spell Scoops offers cashew-based ice cream and Valkyrie Donuts offers vegan treats and more.

The festival will also feature nearly 40 small shops selling clothing such as Goods and Evil Clothing, Grape Cat and Closet Rehab, as well as artists such as Snail Berry Art and Modrnwitch Illustrations. Vendors selling books, jewelry, soap, doula service, food preparation, and more also have tables.

Additionally, attendees can speak to representatives from animal welfare organizations such as the plant-based Pittsburgh, Vegan Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Vegan Society. Animal rescue organizations like Save Our Strays and Animal Friends Sanctuary will also participate. Three of them (Biggies Bullies, Hello Bully, and Proper Pit Bull) specialize in the Pitbull deceptive breed collection. That they are naturally aggressive.

As they explore and visit various vendors, attendees can also hear live music from musicians and bands like Fox Chapel’s Sloan Simon, who participated in Season 19. American Idol. Jay Michales, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, The Optimists, Truth and Rites, Dinosoul and Normal Creatures also perform in the mornings and afternoons.

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