Vote for the Ultimate 4 of the Final Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket

Introduction to The Incline Ultimate Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket’s Elite Ray theme.

“Krug” perfect: 11 hours of brewing vs. Dancing Gnome Brewery

Special specification “ALE”: East End Brewing Co. vs. Allegheny City Brewing

ETERNAL “HOP” TIMES: Gristhouse Craft Beer Brewery vs. Roundabout Brewery

SO “BREW” DEEP: Hitchhikers Brewing Co. vs. Spoonwood Brewing Co.

The race was full of tough competition, clear wins and underdog candidates.

We learned a lot from ourselves Second round of the matchup. Scroll through the results and now vote for the last four.

😊 Classic (one of a kind) was a toast of town and there were some stupid contestants

Breweries such as East End Brewing, Dancing Gnome, and Hitchhiking Brewing Co., Ltd. They sailed to the elite as if it wasn’t anyone’s job, which resulted in an overall majority.

🤔 Early potential winners emerged

All of the winners for that round far exceeded 300 votes in each race, with Hitchhiker Brewing Co. leading the way with a total of 516 votes. This bracket doesn’t play your favorites, but your vote revealed those votes. The brewery is a force to be considered.

😬 Some races were head to head

Hitchhiker Brewing Co., But Praise Brewing, competition between Hopfarm Brewing Co. and Spoon Wood Brewing Co., Ltd. The former was close and won with just 25 votes. As you progress through each lap it will be interesting to see how Spoonwood contrasts with the respected Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

Again, our brackets aren’t here to find the “best” Pittsburgh brewery, because “best” means different things to everyone. But we’re here to highlight the breweries that Pittsburgh residents really love and the breweries that you think best represent our beautiful city.

Regardless of whether or not your favorite brewery has advanced to the next round, show your love and support to the elite, and with it some of Berg’s most popular local institutions.

Vote here by Monday July 19th at 9 a.m. to see who’s in the next round.

🍕 + 🍺 = ❤️ Thanks again to bracket sponsor Caliente Pizza & Draft House. Mark your calendar as Caliente is coming in Sewickley and Crafton this fall.

❓ Frequently asked questions about mounts

How do brackets work?

A brief introduction to how brackets work.

Who lands on the bracket?

The original 32 slots are based on reader recommendations and employee research. Before each category there is a nomination period in order to collect recommendations as to who should be included. There is no entrance fee and you cannot buy the seats in brackets.

Please continue to vote.

Who goes into each round depends strictly on the number of votes cast in that round. All votes are important as there have been some close matches! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

How can I sponsor a bracket?

Do you want sponsored spots like Caliente’s Pizza and Draft House? Our sales team works with companies who wish to sponsor mounts and related events. For more information, please contact our sales team at: [email protected]

Tell your friends!

Candidates are welcome to encourage their fans to vote. Past participants have posted leaflets and created social media campaigns to rally their troops. When posting on social networks, use the hashtag #TheInclineBreweryBracket. To See The Past Of The Incline Ice Cream And Fried Fish Square Brackets Visit The Link.

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