Vote for the ultimate sport of the Final Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket

Introducing: The Incline’s Ultimate Pittsburgh Brewery Bracket Final Four Picks.

Has your favorite brewery hit the last four? Who’s the last game? Scroll through the results and vote for your favorites.

“Krug” Perfect

The dancing gnome brewery moved tremendously 11 hours of brewing I have cast the most votes in this round. But not that many. This race was the closest of them all. In the 11th hour I won with only 14 votes. Check them out at their Lawrenceville location. You can sit outside at a picnic table, grab some of your local food truck rotation schedule, and enjoy the latest Full Moon IPA monthly release.

Special specification “ALE”

East End brows It appeared on the long-loved Allegheny City Brewing institution. East End Brewing is “You are here “Beer We aim to celebrate all 90 Pittsburgh boroughs. So far, we’ve released 53 hyper-local beers that represent the neighborhood from either side of the three rivers. The menu includes year-round or seasonal beer and “loophole, “Supports small breweries in Pennsylvania. Check out their places in Larimar on Julius Street.

Eternal “jumping” timist

Gristhouse Craft Beer Brewery You have won the roundabout this round. What should I know about Grist House? On the one hand, we kept an eye out for their ambitious projects. Grist enters the Cold War era from Collier Township Nike Missile Command Center to another outpost. And it’s going to be huge. But it will take a while, so for now enjoy their beer (and the food truck lineup) at Milbert.


Hitchhiking Brewing Co., Ltd. I won the match against Spoonwood Brewing Co. Their brewery is located in the former Fort Pitt Brewing Co. building in Sharpsburg, with a taproom on the mountain. Lebanon. Also, hitchhikers are working to open a space on downtown Liberty Avenue. What are the advantages over other downtown breweries? Oh yes, the brewery is also a café. In addition to craft beer, cold brewed coffee, espresso and other decaffeinated drinks are also served here.

Again, our brackets aren’t here to find the “best” Pittsburgh brewery, because “best” means different things to everyone. But we’re here to highlight the breweries that Pittsburgh residents really love and the breweries that they think best represent our beautiful city.

Vote here by 9 a.m. on Monday, July 26th Send your favorites to the finals.

🍕 + 🍺 = ❤️ Thanks again to bracket sponsor Caliente Pizza & Draft House. Mark your calendar as Caliente is coming in Sewickley and Crafton this fall.

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The original 32 slots are based on reader recommendations and employee research. Before each category there is a nomination period in order to collect recommendations as to who should be included. There is no entrance fee and you cannot buy the seats in brackets.

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Who goes into each round depends strictly on the number of votes cast in that round. All votes are important as there have been some close matches! Yes, you can vote more than once in each round.

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