Watch Sandra Oh converse out towards Asian hatred on the rally in Pittsburgh

Emmy winner Sandra Oh had a surprising appearance on Saturday at a “Stop Asian Hate” rally in Pittsburgh. (Katie Falkenberg / Los Angeles Times)

Sandra Oh speaks out against Asian hatred.

The “Killing Eve” star surprisingly appeared on Saturday at a “Stop Asian Hate” demonstration in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, where she briefly spoke to demonstrators.

“Hello, my name is Sandra Oh,” she said to applause. “Pittsburgh, I am so happy and proud to be here with you and thank all the organizers for organizing this just to give us the opportunity to be together and to stand together and feel one another. For many of us in ours Church is this. It is the first time we have been able to express our fear and anger, and I am really so grateful for everyone who will listen.

BREAKING: Sandra Oh speaks to about 250 people at a “Stop Asian Hate” demonstration in Oakland.

“I’m proud to be Asian,” she says. “We belong here.”

– Rebecca Johnson (@rebeccapaigejo) March 20, 2021

The rally follows a spate of anti-Asian violence that included gunfights at spas in Atlanta on Tuesday that killed eight people, including six Asian women.

Among those adding to Oh’s social media presence in Pittsburgh was her longtime Grey’s Anatomy hostess, Ellen Pompeo. Other celebrities who have responded publicly to the Atlanta shootings include Gemma Chan, Margaret Cho, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Shonda Rhimes, Daniel Dae Kim, and George Takei. Political figures from Barack Obama to Senator Tammy Duckworth have also posted posts on social media condemning the attacks.

“One thing I know [is] Many of us in our church are very scared, “said Oh.” And I understand that, and one way to overcome our fear is to reach out to our church. I’m going to challenge everyone here, if you see something will you help me? If you see one of our sisters and brothers in need, will you help us? As Asian Americans, all we have to do is take our sisters and brothers in hand and say, “Help me and I’ll be here.”

Oh concluded by leading the crowd to sing, “I’m proud to be Asian! I belong here!” “A lot of us don’t get a chance to say that, so I just wanted to give us the chance to scream this, thank you,” she said.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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