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LAUREL HIGHLANDS (KDKA) – Are you looking for a way to escape just before the weekend?

Consider traveling a little east and south of Pittsburgh.

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Follow the path that offers “15 places to connect directly with your favorite neighbors” without having to hike or cycle.

Michael Chapaloney is the general secretary of the Pennsylvania Tourism Board and the Fred Rogers Trail. He holds throughout western Pennsylvania and has a relationship with Rogers.

“This is a really great way to experience a place in the footsteps of America’s favorite neighbors,” he says.

Ligonier is on the way, but Chaparony says it is worth a visit on its own.

“Ligonia is one of the largest small towns in Pennsylvania. Honestly, shopping is natural, but the most important thing is Fort Ligonier, which is really great, ”he explains.

Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, Somerset County is not far away.

“It’s an incredible sight. It’s important to American history, but it’s also a nice, casual, and peaceful experience, ”he says.

There is also a ski area at the edge of the forest.

“From the zipline to all of the mountain experiences, it really encompasses all of the great Seven Springs. Our four seasons experience, ”says Chaparony.

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Of course, the 62 mile Laurel Highlands Trail has its own trails in the Laurel Highlands.

“Even a bikepacking destination for hiking, cycling and camping there,” he says.

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If you’re looking for something that doesn’t work very well, check out the Westmoreland County Museum of Art in Greensburg’s North Main.

“Their art collections are amazing and a treasure in the area that has made the collection and museum itself a real gem of western Pennsylvania in recent years,” says Chaparony.

East of Pittsburgh is Keystone State Park with man-made lakes, beaches, boats, hikes and camps. In fact, there are six other state parks along the Laurel Highlands that offer similar services.

For his outdoor vacation in Fayette County, there is Ohiopyle State Park. Consider hiking or biking the Great Allagainy Passage Trail which, like Chaparony, runs through the center of the park.

“There is a waterfall on the right, a torrent on the left and a great bike ride, that’s why the Ohiopyle part is just so beautiful,” he explains.

The trail goes all the way from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC

Of course, you can’t imagine a trip to the Highlands without stopping by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. But Chaparony says it’s not the only one.

“Polymas Park has Duncan House and Mantilla where you can stay at Frank Lloyd Wright’s estate,” he says.

A day trip to Abella and Meadowcroft in Washington County will be spectacular for the whole family. “And you can see the relics from 16,000 years ago.”

And how about a covered bridge?

“Washington and Green are doing a really great job. You have a route that connects both districts and sees a covered bridge on the way. “

After all, like many in western Pennsylvania, there are wineries and distilleries.

The wine tasting of the Südwestpassage brings you an abundance of products from the region.

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