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CP Photo: Tereneh Idia

Maya Haptus

name: Maya Haptus
Pronoun: she
title: Founder, Shred Your Fears (shredyourfears.com), Womxn An event that provides “a safe and comfortable space for learning skateboarding”. Assistant editor, Bigfoot skateboard magazine (((bigfootskatemag.com).
Interests / Hobbies: Skateboarding, public space design, cooking, reading
Website: instagram.com/mayahaptashello

Make clothes Featured guests can choose where to take pictures, but why did you choose Highline?

I wrote about NEXTpittsburgh’s plans for The Highline many years ago. It’s cool to see it bear fruit. I like the space not being over-designed, and hanging out here makes me feel like I’m sitting next to downtown.There is also coffee [de Fer Coffee & Tea.] Sometimes I take my kids to a picnic, and they let me check the height of all the skyscrapers. I should remember them by now.

How would you describe your style? Who is your style icon?
I like vintage stuff, mostly in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m generally a jeans and T-shirt guy, but sometimes it’s fun to dress up. Style icons are Florence Given, Tierra Whack and Serena Williams.

Tell us about this amazing jumpsuit you are wearing.
The jumpsuit is Nooworks and I bought it from Workshop Pgh in Garfield a few years ago. The ring is Horsethief Silver, a local jeweler Elizabeth Sanchez. Sunglasses are pack vintage.You can find them on Instagram [@packvintage], Shred Your Fears instructor Sarah Pack and her husband Egemen.

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CP Photo: Tereneh Idia

Maya Haptus

And a skateboard? Those cool kicks?
The skateboard deck is Enjoi and was designed by a friend Lori D. who participated in the art program in 1995. Quite new and set up with Switch & Signal Skatepark. The Millhouse Mussolini Van Houten grip tape is from the Free Society. The kick is a dragonfly-inspired color and is the shoe of Pro Skater Samaria Breverd for New Balance.

Are you dressed differently for your different roles?
The Shred Your Fears event includes yoga, so I generally wear something pretty comfortable. My daily favorites are jeans and a black tank top, or a T-shirt and hoodie when it gets cold.

Did you give yourself the gift you are wearing or wear often?
I think my tattoo is a gift I gave myself. On his left wrist is a star tattoo that matches what his brother had. He died in 2004, so it feels like a gift from him that I wear every day. A band on the right arm created by a friend Matt from the design of an architectural freeze. I chose it because it has a strong masculine and feminine image.

Your hair is great, do you have any hints?
I polish it once in a while! My hair was wavy after I had a child, so it looks like after washing. But my wonderful bangs are due to Katie Sulen, owner of the Halcyon Salon in Garfield.

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Return to skateboarding. I love it and want to learn. I took one Shred Your Fears workshop, but I still need to go back to the saddle. What do you like about skateboarding and when did you start?
It calms my mind because I really have to concentrate when skating. I learned to skate with my son at the age of 39. Starting at that age means I’m pretty crazy to enjoy it purely. I also love the larger non-traditional skating community that connects me and the community I built through Shred Your Fears.

What are you excited about for the fall? This year?
Shred Your Fears is very exciting as it was recently accepted by Skate Like a Girl’s Skateboarding Inclusivity Cooperative. It’s virtual, so I feel reliable now. The next Shred Your Fears workshop will be held on Sunday, September 26th, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Switch & Signal Skatepark, where All Bodies Welcome Yoga yoga will take place. Everything else feels very uncertain again, it’s hard to look ahead too far into the future.

Famous Pittsburgh skateboarder Maya Haptas talks about tattoos and kicks | Fashion | Pittsburgh

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