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Mental health has been a topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind for the past year. How we care for ourselves and in our lives is an important topic, according to Shannon Hughes. Wellness collective, It is especially important for black families.

“For black people, we have a pandemic and a place of general and racial injustice, scarce resources, and substandard entertainment and education. [for our children].. Our mental health is terribly tense and even worse than it was before this global crisis, “Hughes said in a press release.

The Wellness Collective is hosting a Mental Wellness Speed ​​Date event on Tuesday, August 24th, from 5pm to 8pm, with the goal of making it easier for families to find mental health care. This event is open to the public for free. For those who are looking for For therapists, spiritual advisors, maternity workers, etc. Financial support is available if the participant matches the practitioner.

“Wellness Collective works with people in crisis to develop effective solutions that mitigate their needs. Our goal is to restore stability and increase resilience. ” Read the Wellness Collective website. “”To do this, listen to your neighbors, facilitate the collection and redistribution of local resources, and improve access to services. ”

Hughes says the process of finding help with mental and emotional problems can be daunting and many people don’t know where to start. In addition, one bad experience with a disagreement practitioner can lead people to cancel their self-care practices as a whole.

The idea of ​​speed dating for mental health came about when CEO Christian Hughes had the vision of simplifying the process of finding a mental health provider.

“I wish I had a mental health speed dating event so that I could feel like a proper practitioner without spending physical, financial and emotional effort just to reach that point. You can taste it, “he said, and the speed date of conversation and mental health was born.

The first event will take place on the zoom to ensure the safety of all participants.Stakeholders can register here.. The first event is especially for black families, but the Wellness Collective states that future events will be announced and will be open to a larger audience.

Wellness Collective Brings Mental Wellness Speed ​​Dates to Pittsburgh | News | Pittsburgh

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