Western PA has the perfect donut store within the state: Meals & Wine

BEAVER FALLS, PA – There are many donut shops throughout Pennsylvania, but only one can be the best. Oram’s in Beaver Falls, Beaver County is the best in the state according to Food & Wine. In an article about the best donuts in each state, Oram’s received the Keystone State’s top award.

“At a time when even the most die-hard classic donut makers have surrendered to the visually-minded crowd, there’s nothing wrong about bright colors and brioche batter (if you know what you’re doing), one of the best donuts in America, comes from one charming little relic called Oram’s Donut Shop in a relic of a town called Beaver Falls, down the street from Pittsburgh, “the article says.

“Lots of people know that with the best donuts, you have to make a little bit of it
Journey. If you’ve ever had a cinnamon roll donut – that’s exactly what it sounds like: two delicious things at once – you have probably never had one as particularly gigantic as Oram’s number one seller in business since the 1930s. That and a selection of their classic creams, with a touch of frosting – they’re well worth the drive and way further away than Pittsburgh. ”

What’s your favorite donut stop in western Pennsylvania? Feel free to mention yours in the comments.

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