When the NFL censored the Rolling Stones

As the music world mourns and celebrates the life of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, we pay tribute to his athletic connections even as the NFL tried to censor the Stones.

It was the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 and the Rolling Stones were the stars of the famous halftime show.

Have endured Janet Jackson‘s wardrobe mistake two years earlier, the National Football League wanted to avoid further scandals and had done its homework on the English rock band’s lyrics.

During two of the songs they sang in their short set, the NFL made sure of that Mick Jaggers microphone was muted at appropriate moments to censor material they deemed inappropriate.

While ‘Start me‘, the microphone was muted for the words “you make a dead man come” while in’Gross justice“It was the word“ c * cks ”that the NFL didn’t approve of. The only song they left untouched was’satisfaction‘.

The league insisted that the strategy be agreed in advance with the band, who were perfectly understanding; however, they later complained that the measure was “ridiculous and unnecessary”.

It wasn’t the only sports arena that did Watt and the stones played, including in a number of Spanish football stadiums.

The list contains the Bernabeu, Vicente Calderon, Anoeta, San Mames, Molinon, Olimpico de Barcelona and even the Guillermo Amor of the former Atletico Benidorm.

Watts himself was a football fan and supported Tottenham Hotspur.

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