Which LB opened a fantasy card retailer?

Cassius Marsh has made a few stops in his NFL career. The current Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and former UCLA Bruins linebacker plans his future by opening a store in the present.

Marsh, who has been playing since he was eleven, first opened in Westlake Village, Ca. Think magic: the gathering.

Watch as they have the store in stock for its grand opening held last weekend.

I’ve collected quite a bit over the past few years in anticipation of this moment !! Opening my very first Brick & Mortar card business with my best friend Nick! Watch as we crack every case I own for the stores’ inventory!

Marsh also collects and sells collectible sports cards. Some of those in his possession have more than five numbers.

“The trading card market is going insane right now while the pandemic continues …” Marsh told Gamerant.com. “We are currently also concentrating on the virtual side of our business. We do live breaks which are a lot of fun. We will interact with our community and get to know each other. “

He explained the role Magic: The Gathering played in his life when he was with the San Francisco 49ers.

Moved this after a night of breaks! Stickers are misplaced making it one of a kind! Thanks to @PaniniAmerica @TeamJuJu @CashCards_WLV #BigBen #cashcards pic.twitter.com/MQMji40how

– Cassius Marsh (@ KingCash_7191) March 1, 2021

In 2016, Marsh stole some of his best cards while with the Seahawks, and the story went viral.


SI.com recently wrote a feature article about Marsh and his passion. To read it, click here.

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