Will Eire make the checklist?

Dublin ranks 26th in a poll of the best cities in the world for vegetarians to live. The holy grail for those on a vegetable diet is London. The index ranks every city under 100, with the UK capital scoring a perfect score and Dublin ranking 94.55.

The list compiled by the online rental comparison platform Nestpick rated 75 cities that are “popular moving destinations and reputable among vegetarians”.

The survey took into account the relative affordability of fruits and vegetables and plant-based proteins such as lentils and beans, as well as the number and quality of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and the existence of events and festivals for vegetarians. “We thought about which factors are most important for vegetarians to lead a happy and healthy life,” say the researchers.

London has the most vegetarian restaurants as well as most of the events and festivals for vegetarians. The most attractive region in the world to live in, according to the list, is the United States, which has six cities in the top 30, led by Los Angeles in eighth place and including San Francisco in tenth place; New York, 12; Atlanta, at 22 .; Miami, at 25 .; and Pittsburgh, on Jan.

Great Britain also did well, with five locations in the top 30. As well as the top rated city of London, Glasgow, in 5th place; Bristol, on the 9th; Manchester, 20th; and Edinburgh, on the 21st, also to see. Germany is the closest vegetarian friendliest country, with Berlin in second place, Munich in third place in the ranking and Hamburg in 23rd place.

“As more and more people try to reduce their meat consumption, cities must meet these needs with a variety of vegetarian options if they want to attract young talent, especially millennials, Gen Z and the younger generations,” says Omer Kucukdere. Founder and CEO of Nestpick.

Top 30 cities for vegetarians

1 London, UK 100 points
2 Berlin, Germany 98.79
3 Munich, Germany 97.16
4th Vienna, Austria 97.00
5 Glasgow, UK 96.84
6th Zurich, Switzerland 96.80
7th Palma, Spain 96.75
8th Los Angeles, US 96.60
9 Bristol, UK 96.40
10 San Francisco, US 96.21
11 Rome, Italy 96.10
12th New York, US 96.08
13th Auckland, New Zealand 95.92
14th Wellington, New Zealand 95.84
15th Prague, Czech Republic 95.77
16 Melbourne, Australia 95.60
17th Tel Aviv, Israel 95.30
18th Gothenburg, Sweden 95.27
19th Sydney, Australia 95.01
20th Manchester, UK 94.98
21 Edinburgh, UK 94.90
22nd Atlanta, US 94.85
23 Hamburg, Germany 94.81
24 Ghent, Belgium 94.78
25th Miami, US 94.65
26th Dublin, Ireland 94.55
27 Turin, Italy 94.47
28 Cape Town, South Africa 94.21
29 Madrid, Spain 94.06
30th Pittsburgh, US 93.90

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