‘Y on the Fly’ begins due to companions like BJ’s Wholesale Membership

Healthy eating and fun, safe activities are not available to everyone. It is for this reason that the YMCA is working with local community organizations and local businesses to offer their “Y on the Fly” program.

The “Y on the Fly” is a van-based pop-up in local locations like libraries and food centers. The consultants arrive at Vans and bring 60 minutes of fun and a healthy snack. Play parachute? Check. Kick balls? Check. Goodies? Check. “Y on the Fly” is brimming with fun, fun, fun, thanks to partners like BJ’s Wholesale Club who deliver fun staples and healthy snacks.

After the fun and snack, kids are also given a 30-minute healthy snack guide so they can make healthier choices all year round. The children’s program is supplemented by the “Hope For All” service for parents and legal guardians. Hope For All offers free income tax preparation, assistance claiming assistance, and pantry assistance. It’s a well-rounded win-win situation for the whole family.

“BJ’s is proud to donate to incredible local resources like the YMCA’s Y-on-the-Fly drive,” said Kyle Byres, Community Affairs Manager, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “We are committed to our local communities in our footprint and we particularly look forward to helping our new Pittsburgh neighbors grow and prosper, especially in areas that may be underserved.”

The program, which is free and open to children of all ages, is a continuation of Y’s efforts to fill gaps in communities where there is no physical YMCA building. It provides a safe and imaginative environment for children to play and learn.

“The YMCA believes that all children deserve access to resources that will help them get stronger and healthier no matter where they are,” said Kevin Bolding, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh. “The Y is committed to the entire Greater Pittsburgh community, so we’re working to bring resources to all of our neighbors, including those outside the physical walls of the Y.”

To learn more, visit Y on the Fly.

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