“You might be taxed for respiration” – CBS Pittsburgh

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KOVR-TV) – A Sacramento couple leave the state claiming they are fed up with California in more ways than one.

There’s no question why Trever Huft and his girlfriend are packing their bags and leaving California. Natomas residents send one final message before heading to the Lone Star State. Huft wrote on the back of his pick-up truck: “Leave communist California!”

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Trever Hoof

“I think that really sums it up: you do what you are told,” he explained. “What matters to me is that my girlfriend has to get vaccinated just to apply for a job.”

It’s not just the COVID guidelines, it’s the policy, the cost of living, and the baby the couple has on the way, all taking into account their decision. “Here you are taxed for breathing, that’s terrible,” said Huft. “This is not life, this is going to just work out trying to find out where your next meal is,” he said.

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So how many people could wrap up? A UC study found that 23 percent of California’s voters are considering leaving the state.

“In 2019 we left 653,000 residents and only saw 480,000 people come … so there is a void, but that’s normal in California,” said Ryan Lundquist, a certified appraiser and housing analyst for the Sacramento area.

It’s not the number of Californians getting out, but the reason Texas was ranked a top travel destination. “When people go to Texas, it’s mostly about their lifestyle. People wanted fewer rules, fewer rules, affordability … you can get so much more home in most parts of Texas than in California, ”Lundquist said.

Huft is now looking to put down roots in a new home before the birth of his first child. “As a father, I want to protect her as much as possible and that is definitely not going to happen here,” he said.

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He and his family traveled to Texas on Tuesday. He says his mother is also considering moving.

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