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A scene from the latest Disney and Pixar Luka It films sparked a social media storm for people yearning for the plague. The father of the animated film cooks his famous “Trenette Alpest” (a creamy pest blanket based on basil Trenette noodles with green beans and sliced ​​potatoes). Social media users recently filmed themselves cooking pesto pasta. Dish.

And this summer, Pittsburgh is hot and the trend is for herbs and hearty pesto to make great warm weather dinner with classic combinations of basil, pine nuts, olive oil, etc. at the perfect time. Seasonal ingredients.

For those looking for their own perfect pesto, Pittsburgh City Paper we’ve found 5 local restaurants serving some of the best and most unique pesto dishes in the area.

Mentha Pest Gnocchi – Vallozzi’s

220 5th Avenue, downtown. vallozzis.com

Valozzi potato gnocchi give normal pesto a cool touch by incorporating fresh mint. This harmonizes perfectly with the lamb ragoo that is built into the dish. The pesto is rounded off with vegetables such as red onions, tomatoes and fennel.

Delicious pesto crpes – Cafe Moulin

732 Filbert St., Shadyside. cafemoulinpgh.com

Crepes don’t have to be sweet. Cafe Moulin has a variety of classic French versions, including pesto-filled crepes. Mulan turns pizza into crpes and serves a dish called “Tivoli”, filled with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, spinach and fresh pesto. If that doesn’t stimulate your taste buds, we also offer “Alaska” crepes filled with smoked salmon, herb cream, spinach and pesto.

Linguine Pest – The Pizzaiolo

703 Washington Road, Mount Lebanon. ilpizzaiolo.com

Il Pizzaiolo offers classic green pesto pasta with fresh basil and roasted pine nuts, topped with roasted tomatoes and grated Parmigiano. It offers rich linguine noodles and the sauce to noodle ratio is perfect for every bite.

Pest Pizza – Appropriate stone oven and taproom

139 7th St., downtown. rightpittsburgh.com

Proper Brick Oven uses the sauce as the base for a wood-fired pizza instead of covering the pasta with basil and pine nut pesto. The cake is topped with ingredients that complement the flavor explosion, such as oven-baked Roma tomatoes, wood-smoked pork belly bacon, caramelized red onions, fresh mozzarella cheese, and parmigiano.

Plague Handheld – Shady Grove

5500 Walnut Street, Shadyside. eatshady.com

Whether sandwiches, wraps, meat or vegetables, Shady Grove is the perfect hand pesto dish for everyone. Shady Grove lists options for fried turkey, chicken, or portobello mushroom pestrap or sandwich crusts. Then layer sliced ​​tomatoes, mixed vegetables and flavorful goat cheese and combine with creamy pesto.

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