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Provided by Pittsburgh Japan Media Arts Center

Like many arts organizations Pittsburgh Japan Media Arts Center I had to pivot during the pandemic. The class was virtualized and studio membership was closed until Pennsylvania entered the green phase in 2020. But now, student and member work is being presented at PCA & M’s annual student and member exhibitions.

The opening reception of the exhibition will be held on Friday, July 23, in the lobby of the Scaife Building, featuring works by 45 students and members from a variety of media, including ceramics, drawings, paintings, metalwork, prints and photographs. I will. And fiber art. The exhibition will be held until August 31st.

“One of the most exciting parts of such an event is to see the quality of the work produced by students and members,” says Kylehauser, executive director of PCA & M. “It’s important for us to take some time to emphasize their efforts and growth as artists.”

The conversion of PCA & M to online class was intended to be pursued before the pandemic, but safety guidelines and precautions during the COVID have made PCA & M prioritize a new approach. The center offers classes in ceramics, prints, drafting, painting, media art and creative writing via zoom, and at the end of 2020, a small face-to-face ceremony that requires special equipment that is not accessible to students online. Class has resumed.

rear End the movie program and fire staff In November 2019, PCA & M shut down the Marshall Gallery Building, Harris Theater and Regent Square Theater. After a delay due to COVID, in early 2021, the business was completely relocated to the Scaife building, which houses 10 studios.

As fewer people were in the Scaife building during the pandemic, PCA & M was able to renovate the lobby space of the first and second floor buildings and has held two shows so far. COVID-19 era creative, And PCA & M Fundraising Exhibition, In bloom..

“In the past, we held small exhibitions in the Scaife building, usually to showcase our teachers’ artists, students and members,” says Houser. “It’s a unique space, and it makes a lot of sense for us to display our work next to the studio in which it was created.”

PCA & M has no plans to revive the film program, but offers a variety of classes in photography, film, creative audio and screen lighting. Artist access membership also includes access to PCA & M’s 12-bay darkroom, printers and scanners.

PCA & M also offers artist access memberships for ceramics and print studios.

Going forward, PCA & M plans to focus on educational programs, members and artist services in response to the diminishing opportunities for artists during a pandemic.

“We want to rebuild in a way that keeps artists and students at the forefront of our mission,” says Hauser. “This includes providing students and members with opportunities to showcase their work, develop their expertise, network, and collaborate with other artists.”

PCA & M’s annual student and member exhibition opening reception. Friday, July 23, 6 pm to 8 pm. Shady Ave lasts until August 31, 1047. , Shadyside. pghartsmedia.org

Pittsburgh Arts Media Center exhibits student and member artwork | Art + Entertainment | Pittsburgh

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