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Being vegan or lactose intolerant presents challenges when it comes to eating out. Due to the recent heat wave, many people gather at local ice cream shops to cool down. If for some reason you don’t eat dairy products, you usually opt for icy fruit-based sorbet. This can be delicious, but not enough if you want something creamy. Fortunately, there are several places in Pittsburgh where you can satisfy that craving.

Millie’s homemade ice cream

Multiple locations. milleshomemade.com
Millie’s is still pretty new in Pittsburgh, but it’s definitely a staple of frozen treats. For those who aren’t too vegan or dairy-minded, there’s a wide variety of pint-carrying flavors you can find in-store and at local grocery stores. These include dairy-free brownie batters, dairy-free mangoes, dairy-free mint chips, and the current selection of blackout brownies.

Farmer x Baker

285 River Ave., Aspinwall. rootandheartfarm.com
Farmer x Baker is also a fairly new development in Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bringing heat. We’ll cover you with an all-vegan Thursday menu and a regular daily menu with plenty of vegan options. Farmer x Baker has a vegan soft serve ice cream based on oats. Current flavors include standard vanilla and strawberry, with specials such as sticky bread sundae and new tahini coffee soft serve ice cream.

Sugar spell scoop

1014 N. Canal St., Sharpsburg. sugarspellscoops.com

The Sugar Spell Scoop menu is all vegan and made on a cashew base. They even carry pints and ice cream cakes. Check out their Instagram for flavors such as dunk a loose, peanut butter ripple chips, freckled mint, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The list is endless (and seasonal), so take a look at the pint flavors and scoop shops you can buy online.

Page Daily Mart

4112 E. Carson Street, South Side. pagedairymart.net

Page Dairy Mart is popular in Pittsburgh and currently sells oat-based dairy-free soft serve ice cream. Choose from vanilla or specialty flavors such as birthday cake, coffee, mint chocolate chips, mango and peanut butter.

NatuRoll Creamery

4318 Butler Street, Lawrence Building. naturollcreamerypgh.com

NatuRoll Creamery offers hand-rolled ice cream with lots of toppings and mixins. Simply choose one of many dairy-free bases, such as chocolate, vanilla, chai, and matcha, and add a mixin. Popular vegan toppings such as almonds, oreos, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, coconuts, bananas, blueberries and other nuts and fruits.

Julio Creamery

4127 Butler Street, Lawrenceville. friocreamery.business.site

Frio has four creamy vegan ice creams made from coconut cream / almond milk base. Flavors include vegan pistachios, vegan (and gluten-free) chocolate cookies and creams, vegan blueberry lavender, and vegan (and gluten-free) key lime pies.

Happy Day Desert Factory

906A Western Ave., North Side. happydaydessertfactory.com

Happy Day has an almond milk-based soft serve ice cream option with a chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate vanilla twist. The store was scheduled to open softly during the pandemic on March 16, 2020, but fortunately it has survived the blockade and continues to serve creamy and cold dishes.

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