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Image: Courtesy of Strada

Artist’s impression of AVP

New and opening

The large burrito group is bringing a new restaurant to the Pittsburgh area. AVP, an extension of the Alta Via brand, opens in Bakery Square this fall. The restaurant serves casual Italian cuisine inspired by the cuisine of California’s wine country. AVP serves lunch and dinner every day of the week with two featured pizzas, sandwiches, a typical burger and much more. The bar focuses on “classic cocktails” and offers a selection of Italian and American wines and beers, including some from Western PA manufacturers.


Old thunder
340 Freeport Road, Blawnox. oldthunderbrewing.com
Old Thunder is a brewery that recently opened in a former post office in Blawnox. Old Thunder is itself described as “the pinnacle of experience, creativity and compassion” and brings strong beers, lagers and ales to the region. Owned and operated by a brewer, it promises a unique drinking experience for beer lovers who have not yet discovered it.

Beer port
4115 Butler St., Lawrenceville. bierport.com
Bierport has reportedly been closed for ten days. A sign on the shop door indicates that their PLCB violation is that they “did not have enough groceries on the premises to sell to thirty customers, even though our bar has been closed for over a year”. Despite the setback, Bierport appears ready to get back into business after the ten days have passed.

Faucets & tacos
115 Federal St., north side. tapsandtaco.com
This taco place sure is a great place to get a margarita or beer in the summer in Pittsburgh. Taps and Tacos offers tacos made with fresh and seasonal ingredients that make for a light but filling lunch or dinner. Choose from the list of six different tacos, salads or burritos / bowls and enjoy the weather while you still can.

Ghosts and stories
5130 Bigelow Boulevard, Oakland, spirisandtales.com
Spirits and Tales is partnering with Tree Pittsburgh to support Arbor Day. When you buy one of their botanical green tea cocktails, a portion of the proceeds go to the local nonprofit environmental protection organization. The cocktail consists of vodka enriched with cucumber mint, turmeric-ginger tea, soda water and lemon. Enjoy one of the delicious starters Spirits and Tales has to offer with your cocktail.

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The taste of New Graeter

Graeters ice cream
10610 Perry Highway, Wexford, graeters.com
Graeter’s Ice Cream has expanded its range of lactose-free, animal-free dairy products with frozen desserts to include two new flavors. These ice creams are part of their Perfect Indulgence line, which still contains a milk element made from “a process using the fermentation of microflora” instead of dairy products directly from cows or other animals. People with milk allergies and vegans should read the ingredients list. The two new flavors are Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. They will be available online and in stores in Dayton and Cincinnati, as well as Graeter’s Scoop stores, which luckily for Pittsburghers also include the Wexford store.

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