A information to the entire drive-in theaters in Pittsburgh

Everything you need to know about drive-in movie theaters in Pittsburgh.

At the height of the drive-in craze, Pittsburgh was known as the “Drive-In Capital”. In 1950 there were over 40 drive-ins in the Pittsburgh area.

While the drive-in movie is nearly hidden from most of our daily entertainment, there are still plenty of drive-in movies to be found in the Pittsburgh area.

Take a trip out of town and check out a new release or old favorite under the stars this season.

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The last drive-in in Allegheny County, Moon Township’s Dependable Drive-In, saw a surge in visitors when most of the cinemas were closed due to COVID-19. With four screens running 7 days a week, the weekend shows are sold out as theatergoers drive to the big screen in their cars. This is in part due to the theater’s distance policy, which instructs visitors to park further apart than normal.

When playing new releases, Dependable Drive-In offers new dual release functions on every screen – arrive early to find an optimal location and watch two movies shown one after the other. Order from the extensive menu at the concession stand and have the snacks delivered directly to your car with the new mobile app of the drive-in.

Where: 549 Moon Clinton Road, Moon Township, PA 15108

When: 7 days a week, except on public holidays, all year round

Know before you go: $ 9 for adults, $ 3 for children (3-11 years old). Credit cards are accepted. Arrive before 7:30 PM on the weekend to secure a spot.

Photo credit: Evergreen Drive-In Facebook Page

Opened in 1947, Evergreen Drive-In has three screens and has been in operation for nearly 75 years. Showing both premieres and drive-in classics (think Jaws and Ghostbusters), Evergreen follows the dual-function model and combines like films for a free viewing experience. With two snack bars on-site, you’ll find everything from nachos and popcorn to chilled dill pickles to satisfy all of your cinematic cravings.

Where: 309 Drive-in Ln, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666

When: 7 days a week in spring / summer

Know before you go: USD 10 for adults, USD 5 for children (6-11 years old). Cash only at the box office, snack bar accepts credit cards. The box office opens at 7:30 p.m.

Photo credit: Riverside Drive-In Facebook page

Riverside Drive-In has a single screen and seasonally offers a variety of new and old dual functions every weekend. From the Twister and Pittsburgh classic Slap Shot to The Invisible Man, this Vandergrift drive-in offers the perfect mix of old and new entertainment, along with other new releases.

Check out the Riverside Facebook page for updates and last minute events – the drive-in has hosted high school graduations and live music performances.

Where: 1114 Read Lake Ln, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

When: Seasonal weekends

Know before you go: USD 10 for adults, USD 5 for children (6-11 years old). Tickets can be bought in advance online or in cash or with a card at the box office. Box office opens at 7:30 p.m.

Photo credit: Starlight Drive-In Facebook Page

Formerly known as the Pioneer Drive-in, this butler drive-in plays a mix of classics and new releases on its three screens. A claim to fame for this theater is its weekly “Carload Nights” on Thursday, where you pay a flat rate of 16 US dollars for the entrance of a car instead of the individual ticket prices.

In addition to films, the Starlight Drive-In offers an arcade with classic pinball machines and video games as well as an 18-hole mini golf course. Order discounts online or at the stand and have them delivered to your car during the fair.

This season, Starlight has set up a Take-It, Give-It box encouraging attendees to donate non-perishable groceries when they have something left over or to take something with them when they need it. Any excess will be donated to local food supplies at the end of the evening.

Where: 1985 N. Main Street, Butler, PA

When: April-September, only on weekends in autumn / spring, all week in midsummer

Know before you go: $ 8 adults, $ 4 children (ages 4-11). Box office opens at 7:30 p.m.

Comet drive-in // Dunbar (near Connellsville)

Comet Drive In Photo credit: Comet Drive-in Facebook page

An hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, this single-image drive-in in Dunbar Township offers new dual features. The Comet opened in 1950 and closed briefly in the 1980s when it became nothing more than a flea market fairground. Now the space is the best of both worlds, with movies in the evenings and flea markets every Sunday.

Where: 151 Morrell Road, Dunbar, Pa 15431

When: Weekends in spring / autumn, all week in midsummer

Know before you go: $ 10 adults, $ 4 children (4-11). Box office opens at 7:30 p.m.

Photo credit: Brownsville Drive-in Facebook page

This two-screen drive-in theater plays a mix of new releases and multiplex classics. The line-up changes every week, but there’s no better place to see a Jurassic Park and Jaws double game on a warm summer night. The films start at dusk and only cash payments are possible at the box office and at the snack stand.

Where: 6231 National Pike E, Grindstone, PA

When: April-October, Friday-Monday

Know before you go: $ 9 adults, $ 4 children (under 10 years old). Cash only.

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