Artwork Shuttle will depart Portland – New York Metropolis on April 27, 2021

300Magazine is excited to share the news that Fine Art Shippers, a family-run art logistics company based in New York City, will have a consolidated art shuttle from the west coast to the east coast this week. The shuttle will leave Portland on April 27th after picking up art from all over California and Oregon, with stops en route to New York City. According to Fine Art Shippers, they will visit Bismarck in North Dakota, Minneapolis in Minnesota, Cleveland in Ohio and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania on their way to New York. The schedule can change. So it is better to contact the company as soon as possible for more information.

Fine Art Shippers has provided art logistics services in the US and worldwide for over 25 years. The company specializes in shipping framed and unframed paintings, art prints, sculptures, ancient religious icons, fine furniture, chandeliers, porcelain and ceramics, fashion and other delicate and fragile items that can be easily damaged if improperly handled. Among many of the services offered by Fine Art Shippers, the company is primarily known for having a wide network of art shuttles operating in the United States. One of them is planned for April 27th.

The upcoming Art Shuttle Portland – New York City provides art companies, artists, and collectors with an amazing opportunity to get art from the West Coast to the East Coast quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price. The shuttle starts in Portland and goes to New York City. On the way there, he stops to collect and deliver art objects. After leaving Oregon, the Fine Art Shippers team will visit Bismarck in North Dakota, the Twin Cities and their suburbs in Minnesota, Cleveland and Akron in Ohio, and Philadelphia and nearby cities in Pennsylvania. New York City is the ultimate destination where the company will make deliveries to business and residential locations in all five boroughs.

The art shuttle services offered by Fine Art Shippers are very flexible, so almost any pick-up and delivery location for art can be discussed. Although some cities such as Chicago and Pittsburgh are not included in the official route, the shuttle can make a stop there at the customer’s request. It’s also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers offer art packaging, art boxes, art installations, art insurance, and a range of other services that may be required when shipping art. The cost of the services can be requested online from the Fine Art Shippers official website.

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