“Belief However Examine:” New Masks Information That Brings Aid However Concern – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Not having to wear a mask everywhere was a relief on the one hand and a problem on the other.

The unmasking is based on the Honor System and CBS News Medical Expert and CEO of the Ellison Institute of Transformative Medicine, Dr. David Agus says the honor system is not reliable.

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“I think we need to find a way to check who has the immunity vaccine and who doesn’t have the immunity vaccine here in the US. I think this will be vital in the future,” says Dr. Agus who would catch up with the rest of the world. “Africa, the European Union, many Middle Eastern countries and Asian countries have a digital ID system in which the government knows, just like here in the US, who has been vaccinated or not. And they get a QR code for their phone. “

With the QR code, Dr. Agus that public places like restaurants “might have a scanner that says QR is so hey you had a vaccine. Please come to a restaurant. You don’t have a vaccine, we’ll let you eat on the deck and outside and at this table. “

But instead of any kind of review, and with more and more spots of the masks being dropped, Dr. Agus that families have to apply their own mask policy.

There is an old Russian proverb that President Reagan famously quoted as “Trust but Verify”.

Dr. Agus says in this case, if you can’t verify, you can’t trust.

“So these rules for going out without a mask do not apply if you are not vaccinated and do not apply if you are under 12,” he says.

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To keep your children safe, says Dr. Agus: “If you are a parent, go out with your children. You may want to wear a mask so that you can normalize their behavior and make it easier for them. It’s very hard to explain to a five year old why they have to wear masks and you don’t. “

However, a vaccinated parent will not need the mask if they are without their children. Dr. Agus says even if one parent is exposed, the chances are you carry enough virus to infect someone, almost if you have been vaccinated.

But he says don’t throw away your masks.

“In summer there is much less viral spread, the numbers drop dramatically when we go into autumn, next winter. There may be a slight resurgence across the country. We’ll need times when we wear masks again, ”he explains.

Dr. Agus says that it is very likely to need a booster shot.

“These vaccines, as we say in the industry, are on the rise and doing remarkably well around the world,” he says. “The problem is, you really need a lot of immunity to fight off these new worrisome varieties. Therefore, we need to keep immunity not only at a good level, but also at a high level. So the likelihood is that there will be a third shot. In my opinion, this will probably be the penultimate one that needs a booster, if you will, at the end of the year, early next year. “

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He also believes that if Pfizer’s vaccine is adjusted this summer to eliminate the need for heavy refrigeration, the boosters will be rolled out to doctor’s offices and places where we traditionally get the annual flu shot, and that it will be available in a widespread manner that will not lead to the rush as we saw with the first vaccinations.

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