Brown’s WR Ryan Switzer’s son was hospitalized with COVID-19

Ryan Switzer and his wife are in a dire situation. (Photo by Grant Halverson / Getty Images)

Ryan Switzer had the toughest day of his life on Saturday.

The Cleveland Browns broad receiver revealed on Twitter that his 9-month-old son Christian had to be rushed to the hospital “in his own blood” after waking up. The child tested positive for COVID-19.

In a series of tweets, Switzerland updated fans and asked for prayers when Christian received three blood transfusions and underwent a CT scan. Fortunately, surgeons are reportedly confident that once the source of the bleeding is found, the problem can be fixed. The operation is scheduled for Sunday morning.

The whole story of Switzer, composed over five tweets:

I ask everyone to get this tweet over, please take a second and say a prayer for our son Christian. He is 9 months old and is currently in the hospital after waking up in his blood. He is Covid positive.

Doctors are still trying to find the source of the bleeding. He is given fluids and medication while waiting for a CT scan. They made us aware that he needs a blood transfusion. I pray that he will avoid surgery. Only 1 parent is allowed in the room so my wife is with them.

Christian had 3 transfusions because his hemoglobin level was very low. You are finally enough where he can get his CT. I waited for the results when they took him and Gabie to the intensive care unit. Prayers

One of the scans finally found the source of the bleeding and the surgeons are confident they can fix the problem. Since Christian is stable right now, they are planning an operation for the morning.

We are broken that this happened to our little boy, but we are also overwhelmed by the amount of people who stood up for Christian. This was the toughest day of Gabie and me. Please keep praying that Christian will stabilize and make it through the operation.

The Swiss updated Christian’s progress on Sunday to confirm that he will undergo surgery after a stable night. Another CT scan confirmed the source.

Christian stayed stable throughout the night and another CT confirmed the source and the need for surgery this morning. He and Mom are exhausted, but your prayers have ALL kept us, especially Christian is leaving. May God put his hands on the surgeons and be with Christian while he sleeps.

– Ryan Switzer (@Switz) March 7, 2021

He updated his status during the surgery, writing, “Our first update. Christian is still in surgery. Doctors originally thought the cause of his bleeding wasn’t. They are bringing another doctor to try for more explanatory measures to find it. ”

The story goes on

Almost three hours later, he again updated fans with a photo of Christian Stable after the operation. Doctors took samples from “multiple bleeding sites” and sent them for biopsy.

Christian is finally out of the operation. The GI specialist found multiple sites of bleeding. He took samples that were sent for biopsy to see what could be causing them I think. He’s just stable and resting.

– Ryan Switzer (@Switz) March 7, 2021

The Swiss woman and his wife Gabie welcomed Christian to the family on May 25, 2020, when the Swiss woman was still with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The 26-year-old Swiss has been in the NFL since 2016 when the Dallas Cowboys designed him in the fourth round from North Carolina. The Swiss woman joined the Browns’ practice group after the Steelers renounced him last season and signed a reserve / futures contract with the team late last season.

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