Celebration of ‘Drink The Cookie Desk’ dessert beers in Pittsburgh

Just when you thought that the concept of the cookie table couldn’t be improved, a festival called “Drink the Cookie Table” comes along.

While cookie tables often pop up at weddings in western Pennsylvania, this event features the wedding of local breweries and local dessert makers to create dessert beer for a special one-day event.

It’s scheduled for Saturday, November 6th, at Spirit Hall in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It’s sponsored by Fueled By Hops, a self-described online community and blog for craft beer enthusiasts.

These include Sarris Candies (paired with Monday’s Brewing), Oakmont Bakery (paired with Inner Groove Brewing), Pastries-A-La-Carte (paired with Arboretum Trail Brewing), and The Pie Place (along with Altered Genius Brewing).

Nationally known brands such as Duck Donuts will also cooperate with breweries for the event.

But why should cake and pastry shops be combined with breweries at all? Are they not doing well enough on their own?

“We wanted to challenge these breweries to embrace the cookie table concept and create beers that are inspired by these sweet spreads for attendees,” said Ryan Galiotto, founder of Fueled By Hops. “We also wanted to get the entire community involved in the event by partnering these breweries with iconic Pittsburgh dessert brands to create one-of-a-kind dessert beers.”

Many of these beers will only be available for this festival, according to Galiotto.

Tickets for Drink The Cookie Table are $ 55. They include a souvenir taster glass, unlimited spouts, and entry to one of the day’s sessions. Tickets for specific drivers are also available.

For more information on Drink the Cookie Table, visit spiritpgh.com.

Paul Guggenheimer is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Paul at 724-226-7706 or pguggenheimer@triblive.com.

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