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(CBS) – Survivor is back with another exciting episode! A shipwrecked person was not simply voted out – he became completely blind! Who was it? Well, that’s how it all went …

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Reward challenge
The first reward challenge of the season was tough! Four members of each tribe faced a series of obstacles to win an epic day out with a native Fijian. The victorious tribe would learn the ins and outs of rural life in Fiji – a crucial reward for winning this game! The second tribe would win a reward too, not quite a day with a local Fijian – but a big old fish instead. Still good, just not that epic.

The challenge itself involved having each tribe race through a series of physically demanding obstacles. One member of the tribe in particular could not even finish the first stage of the course with such emptying. Heather from the Luvu Tribe was unable to complete her task early on in this challenge. Although she found it difficult, she didn’t give up – and that was impressive. Her tribe thought the same thing and immediately rooted her, though she eventually abandoned the tribe. This resulted in the Ua tribe winning the main reward, followed by the Yase tribe who won the fish meal.

This is what real sportsmanship looks like. 🥺 # Survivor

– SURVIVORS (@survivorcbs) October 14, 2021

Ua tribe
Before the reward challenge, Genie returned from the last tribal council in complete shock when their closest ally Brad was voted out of office. She was mad. Genie then tells her tribe how she feels betrayed. While she talks about how she feels as “the mother” of the tribe and has constantly fed them all, she finally says that she is “done” with the preparation and provision of her food …

But then the reward came. The Fijian Nathan, who visited their camp, gave them all the survival skills necessary to be able to live on the land of Fiji. It was crazy to see this guy on TV – climbing trees like Spiderman and showing that he is clearly an expert in his craft. All this knowledge the tribe has acquired got Ricard thinking … maybe they don’t need genius to take care of them after all?

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Yase tribe
The Yase tribe is on the road to success! After starting the season on an embarrassing losing streak, the solid four are proving they have what it takes to go far. After thinking about how they fought, they realize that now, literally and metaphorically, there is a reward. While enjoying their big fish, they even see their metaphor in the flesh.

I have to love an animal metaphor. Yase = sea turtles. 🐢💪🏽 # Survivor

– SURVIVORS (@survivorcbs) October 14, 2021

The tribe compared themselves to the tiny baby sea turtles they saw pushing through the sand in their camp. I mean, it couldn’t possibly be survivor without a few metaphors, right ?!

Luvu tribe
The Luvu tribe is now unbeatable. This tribe has yet to go to the tribal council! After strengthening six castaways, things are finally starting to crack on day 8 …

Erika, who we don’t even know this season, gets urgently needed screen time. She explains her approach to the game and even says she is a “lion disguised as a lamb”. She is ready to pounce and begin this game. Your first prey is Sydney. Erika wants to get her out because she thinks she is emotionally unstable, which could cause problems later in the game. Erika shares this plan with her closest ally, Deshawn. Now, while Deshawn is listening to her master plan, he gets a little worried about Erika himself. He even calls her “sus”. He thinks she’s playing hard – because she is. He’s nervous about her deceit and now wants to cut the “head off the snake” (or should I say lion?) And get her out next instead.

While trying to come up with a plan to vote Erika out, Deshawn approaches Danny with a scenario we’ve all seen earlier in the game of Survivor – the Immunity Challenge. Yes. Deshawn is ready to throw it. He suggests to Danny how deliberately losing could work in their favor because Erika is too sneaky and needs to leave as soon as possible. As an ex-NFL player, Danny feels that all of this is against his values ​​of athleticism, but he decides to pursue the idea and move on to the next Immunity Challenge anyway.

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Immunity challenge
Immunity is the order of the day! The first two tribes to overcome their strenuous water-based obstacles gain immunity and are safe from the tribal council. The three trunks began in the sea and had to make their way to the shore while loosening bags of tree trunks along the way. As always, these challenges are tough. But let’s not forget how Deshawn and Danny want to milk every busy moment as they try to lose on purpose.

While the rest of Luvu pushed hard through the water, Deshawn took her time. As they battle the Ua and Yase tribe, they discover that Yase is still slower than them! It was pretty weird. Deshawn recounted this immunity challenge and explained how he used every moment to throw it, but the Yase tribe still stayed behind.

It took until the last section of the challenge, where every tribe was tied with everyone (yes, Yase finally caught up). To complete this challenge, each tribe had to throw three rings at their pegs. While Deshawn threw his rings terribly as he threw the challenge (terribly), it was Naseer who stepped in. Naseer just didn’t want his tribe to lose for the first time. And in the end, it didn’t matter that Deshawn and Danny were moving slowly. That’s because Naseer won it for her! After the Yase tribe had won a sweet victory with first place, it was (surprisingly ?!) between Luvu and Ua in second place. JD from the Ua tribe failed to overcome the final obstacle and lost it for his tribe.

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Tribal council
At this point, with only four people left in the Ua tribe, Genie is certain that she will be the next to leave. She even teases the fact that she’s ready to give the new Survivor a “shot in the dark” twist. The shot in the dark would allow her to risk her vote but have a one in four chance of gaining immunity on the tribal council. The question for her was, does she want to risk losing her voice?

Meanwhile, Shan is still running the show on this tribe. She plays her cards well. Ricard, her closest ally, has proven that he will vote with her while he’s in this game. However, JD was questionable. He was keeping an important secret from her last week when she finally caught him lying. JD withheld his advantage of the “secret voice” from her and Ricard, which has made her skeptical of him ever since. Now JD knows that her trust in him is somewhat broken. Though he raises Genius working with her, JD knows he owes his loyalty to Shan and Ricard. Shan feels this is the perfect opportunity to manipulate him. She knows how to play this game – and to be honest, Survivor is all about being sneaky and manipulative to get ahead.

And that’s exactly what it was. Shan played opposite JD. She acts “paranoid” and tells JD that she is afraid that he will vote against her. JD, who is young and in this case a bit naive, then (once again) consolidates his trust and gives her his extra vote advantage! He did this once and now he’s doing it again! But this time the risk didn’t pay off. JD was completely blind when Genie, Shan and Ricard voted him out. And now Shan is sitting with his advantage in her pocket!

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Impressive. While we didn’t see too many groundbreaking twists and turns in this episode, this week has been just as wild, with an even wilder and unexpected tribal council! What do you think of this week’s episode?

Personally, I’m glad Genie is still in this game – she’s pretty cool and also my castaway in my family’s survivor pool! Tweet me @mick_cloudy and let’s talk about Survivor!

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