Charges: Publish-water science burned Pittsburgh employees with acid

JEANNETTE, Pa.— A. Pennsylvania A woman who failed to pay her water bill was charged with crimes including weapons of mass destruction after burning three city workers with acidic drain cleaner as they tried to restore service, authorities said.

The judge orders the man under investigation in Pittsburgh to stay away from Washington, DC

Deborah Samulski, 61, will also be billed Westmoreland County with the risk of disaster and criminal calamity, and with offense, reckless endangerment counts. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for this month, the Tribune review reported Tuesday.

No lawyer representing Samulski is listed on court documents and a working phone number for her could not be found on Wednesday.

The water authority in Westmoreland County On November 18, service at Samulski’s house in Jeannette was suspended for non-payment of water and sewage bills Tribune review reported. Authorities officials told police they made dozens of harassing and threatening phone calls before paying $ 450 on November 25.

Authorities said in court documents that a crew sent to their home that day to restore service found fluid and debris blocking access to the stop valve. Police said they used compressed air to clear the clog, which resulted in three being sprayed with the liquid, causing burns and irritation to their skin and clothing.

Detective Ray Dupilka said the men treated the exposure quickly and were not seriously injured. Agency spokesman Matt Junker said they have since returned to work. Bottles with drain cleaner and pipe were confiscated, and all items sent to the State Police’s crime lab for analysis tested positive for sulfuric acid, according to court records.

Police said in a criminal complaint that a man who lived in Samulski’s house told police he saw them pour human feces and fluids from a bottle into the communal pipe the day before and he claimed it was has been done to “staff the water authority of liquid and human waste. “

Police say Samulski told them she used the cleaner in her basement, but police found dust and cobwebs in the drains there, according to court records.

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