Cheerleader Strip Membership says they deserve entry to federal COVID funding, proceedings | Information | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s Strip Club Cheerleader and several other strip clubs across the country have recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Small Business Administration in federal court in Pennsylvania, with federal agencies from COVID-19 bailout funds for bars and restaurants. Claimed to freeze them.

To suitSeven companies that own a total of eight strip clubs across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, and California have these strip clubs arousing “pure,” or excessive sexual desire. To do.

“The SBA decides whether a company will present a live performance of sexual nature without visiting the facility or watching a live performance at the facility,” reads the complaint. “Plaintiffs do not present live performances of sexual nature on their premises. All performances on plaintiffs’ premises appeal to normal and healthy sexual desire.”

Cheerleaders in the Strip District host live nude performances of local and national touring activities.It has also been Praise for the dish, And when restrictions allowed the club to operate, it served food at the Pittsburgh location throughout the pandemic.

The proceedings allege that the “cautious” classification leading to the refusal of funds violates the club’s right to the first amendment to freedom of expression and the right to the fifth amendment due to due process.

According to a complaint filed on May 14, the SBA has adopted federal law since 1995, generally saying that the government can refuse SBA loans to companies that “present live performances of obscene sexual nature.” Stated.

According to legal publications Law360, Plaintiffs’lawyer Brad Schaefer, said some of the plaintiffs’ companies were owned by veterans who were in a group that was supposed to be in the first line of the relief fund.

Cheerleader Strip Club says they deserve access to federal COVID funding, proceedings | News | Pittsburgh

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