Class crew collaborating in a digital handcrafted arcade | life-style

ST. MARYS – Russ Micale and his third grade students at South St. Marys Street Elementary School embark on an exciting adventure. The class company Class Crew is taking part in the virtual Handmade Arcade this year. It’s an annual event in Pittsburgh where manufacturers sell their products. They got in because of their Edcorps business.

Class Crew is in its second year of existence. The class received seed capital from Real World Scholars ( to start an Edcorps business. Last year they made paracord bracelets. With the profits made, they bought shelves for SSMSES ‘new home laboratory and gave gift cards worth around $ 700 to families in need.

This year, Class Crew sold tie-dyed items, including t-shirts and socks, in the virtual Handmade Arcade. They also plan to make masks.

Three students (third year Lyla Horning, fourth year Madaline Beck, and fifth year Lola Smith) recently attended a radio show on the Pittsburgh Saturday Night Light Brigade radio to talk about the business and the handmade arcade. The link to this radio show is

The community can stay up to date by following Class Crew on their Youtube channel. They produce a weekly live broadcast of “The After the Announcements Show”. Various SMASD employees were among the special guests. They hope to expand the interviews to community guests. Special thanks go to everyone who made this an unforgettable experience for the students.

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