Colorado Man, His Spouse Share The Weight Loss After The Present After “The Greatest Loser”

FLORENCE, Colorado – A native of Colorado and his wife hope to provide some inspiration for those looking to make a lifestyle change this holiday season.

Ten years ago, Ramon Medeiros lived in Florence, Colorado, weighed 350 pounds, and found it difficult to do everyday tasks.

“I’ve tried everything to lose weight,” he said.

Ramon said his mother and sister got him to participate in a casting call for the weight loss show “The Biggest Loser”.

Out of 400,000 applicants, Ramon was selected to take part in the show’s 12th season. His wife Jessica, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was also selected for the competition.

“We met on the show. We did so many things that were new to us but old to us because we struggled and got bigger and had to find a way to lose weight, ”said Ramon.

During the show, Ramon lost 154 pounds and Jessica lost 80 pounds.

After the show, Jessica and Ramon got married and continued to engage in fitness, but the weight loss didn’t stop.

“Three years after the show, I did it great, she did it great. And then we started letting life get in the way, ”Ramon said.

Ramon and Jessica regained the weight, plus an additional 50 pounds each.

“Life came into play a few years later and I was at 358 pounds by the end of 2019,” said Jessica.

Both Ramon and Jessica said they didn’t blame the show for the failures, but they weren’t ready to get back to normal after “The Biggest Loser” ended.

“We didn’t do our homework to mentally prepare for life, to mentally prepare for everyday things,” Ramon said.

Jessica and Ramon aren’t the only contestants regaining their weight.

Around the time they were on the show, researchers from the National Institutes of Health published a study that tracked 14 “Biggest Loser” candidates for six years.

The majority of the participants gained the weight again.

After gaining weight again, the Medeiros said they tried numerous diets.

“We even dated the producer of ‘Biggest Loser’ for a year,” said Jessica.

But ultimately the couple decided to undergo weight loss surgery at Blossom Bariatrics in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We tried everything and that was our last resort,” said Ramon.

Ramon and Jessica underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG).

“This operation, which we underwent in January 2021, was the best of our life. In fact, we have just reached our 10 months post-surgery this week and I’m happy to announce that I’ve lost 145 pounds and I’m very healthy, “said Jessica.

Ramon also lost 120 pounds.

Today Ramon and Jessica live in Pittsburgh. But they keep traveling back to Florence, Colorado, where Ramon owns a tattoo shop.

The medeiros said they want anyone struggling with weight loss this holiday season to know that they are not alone, weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all, and it is okay to seek additional help.

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