COVID-19 vaccinations proceed in Pittsburgh

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In an open interview, Birx said she knew working with Trump White House would mark the end of her federal career

Dr. Deborah Birx, who served as the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator while former President Donald Trump was still in office, reported on Sunday in an exclusive interview with Margaret Brennan of CBS News about her time in the Trump administration.She was criticized for having she hadn’t pushed back enough on Trump’s comments on the pandemic, and while she suggested her reactions might be misinterpreted – like the time Trump asked her if COVID-19 could be treated with bleach injection – she likely expected the gig to be Be the end of her federal career. “You cannot go into something that is so polarized and not believe that this experience will not invade you,” she told Brennan, adding that she “needs to retire” in the next few weeks.> WATCH: Birx responded by claiming she became an “apologist” for Trump and * at the moment the former president suggested using disinfectants as a possible treatment for COVID19 >> “I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t even know what should I do this moment. ” >> – Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) January 24, 2021> “I know that I can’t really go on successfully within the federal government,” says Birx @margbrennan and calls her role as head of the COVID19 Task Force a “final event” for her career >> Adds that she will likely retire in the next 4-6 weeks from @cdcgov >> – Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation ) January 24, 2021Birx said she wished she had been more “open” about certain things like COVID-19 testing, particularly as she was known to be privately “pushing the envelope”. But she suggested that the White House culture ultimately turned out to be too unfamiliar. > Birx’s Biggest Mistake Leading Trump Coronavirus Task Force? >> “I always have the feeling that I could have done more, was more open, maybe I was more public. I didn’t know all the consequences of all these problems.” >> More of her interview on today’s @ FaceTheNation picture. >> – Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) Jan 24, 2021More Stories From 5 snappy hilarious cartoons about Biden’s COVID-19 are pushing Republicans back Biden’s coronavirus response at a surprisingly high rate, “McConnell had one Post-Trump epiphany, “says the political scientist

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