Crimson, White, Growth: Tailor-made Pet® helps anxious puppies dwell their finest lives this July 4th | Situation

Pittsburgh, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire /-For humans, July 4th is a day full of barbecues, pool parties and patriotic fun, but for many dogs, holidays are really scary. Criminal? fireworks. Loud noises and flashing lights can put a dog in a state of intense anxiety, which can cause gasping, pacing, destructive behavior, and in some cases even fleeing. In fact, according to HomeAgain, more pets will be missing on July 4th than any other day. To help pet parents calm their puppies during this stressful time, Tailored Pet® specially includes tips for fighting dog anxiety and a free licking matte surface to help calm the puppy’s nerves. Host a week-long social media series that includes a holiday promotion.

Fireworks are scary for dogs. Tailored pets are intended to help pet parents overcome their dog’s anxiety with special promotions.

“For many puppies who are afraid of loud noises, Independence Day is the scariest day of the year, which means it can be stressful for pet parents,” he said. Steve Joyce, CEO of Tailored Pets. “This year, through a special Independence Day promotion, we’re giving pet parents another tool for managing their dog’s anxiety, which includes two free gifts, one of which is A licking mat that fights anxiety, which is very helpful in distracting dogs. Fireworks. “

Brand special promotion starting from Monday, June 28th We will offer a special July 4th bundle to pet parents. 80% discount In addition to the first subscription order for tailored personalized dog food, two free gifts – with an adorable patriotic dog bowtie Silicon Rick Mat to Fight Anxiety..To take advantage of this limited time offer, exit July 4th (Sun), Pet parents can visit the company website, answer a simple 3-minute quiz, receive recommendations for dog personalized recipes, and enter the code. USA80 At check-out.Let’s start with

A simple questionnaire asks detailed questions about a consumer dog, from gender and breed size to specific food sensitivities and health concerns. Using this information, branded dog nutrition experts recommend personalized recipes tailored to the individual needs of each pet to help them lead the healthiest and happiest lives. ..

Each personalized tailored recipe comes with a bamboo hood scoop, which offsets 100% of carbon emissions from shipments and follows strict food safety procedures and practices, so pet parents fur tailored. We are confident in feeding our families covered with fur safely. Good for the earth.

“In addition to this exclusive promotion, we also hope to be a resource for pet parents through a special social media series that shares tips for managing dog anxiety,” Joyce said. Said. “I think this series is also invaluable in managing both fireworks-related stress and separation anxiety, as social distance restrictions are lifted and more pet parents return to the office.”

Parents of pets interested in the series can follow the brand on Instagram @MyTailoredPet.

This special July 4th promotion is valid until it is out of stock.

Tailored® Pet is aimed at helping pets lead the healthiest and happiest lives by personalizing their recipes with nutrients that are tailored to each dog’s unique needs. A new personalized pet food company. Each tailored recipe is designed by a pet nutritionist using the highest quality ingredients, approved by a veterinarian, and shipped directly to the consumer door for free and at a frequency of your choice.In addition, all tailored blends are cooked safely USAIt is reasonably priced without retail markup and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. The company is also healthier and happier through several sustainability initiatives, including a recyclable packaging partnership with TerraCycle, carbon-neutral transportation to offset carbon emissions, and printing of materials on recycled paper. We are devoted to feeding the earth. To start personalizing your recipes today, visit the following website: Alternatively, to participate in the affiliate program, please visit:

Red, White, Boom: Tailored Pet® helps anxious puppies live their best lives this July 4th | Condition

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