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(((CBS New York) – Half of the unemployed in the US will soon be cut significantly if weekly unemployment benefits have not yet been cut significantly. The federal government has suspended weekly unemployment checks since the US bailout program was passed in mid-March. The additional $ 300 more than double government profits in some parts of the country. In the past few weeks, however, 25 states have announced that they will end these benefits prematurely. And for some, that time has come.

Labor Day has been set as the official end date with a stimulus package of $ 1.9 trillion. However, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri ended their federal unemployment benefits on June 12. Alaska, Iowa, Indiana, and Nebraska are one of the states that got rid of an additional $ 300 on June 19. Benefits of this weekend.White House Press Minister Jen Psaki recently said the governor has “every right” to suspend benefits early. President BidenHas recently revealed on his side that he has no plans to extend it beyond early September.

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The federal unemployment bonus helped Americans pay bills and still wait for recovery to bring food to the table. However, some argue that these generous benefits prevent people from returning to work. (For reference, $ 300 a week is an additional $ 7.50 an hour for those who can work 40 hours.) Over 4 million people (currently 25% of the unemployed) will eventually be affected.

Many considerations affect your ability to work. The amount of money I got for not working is certainly one of them. Child care is different. Many parents had no one to watch over their children as many schools stayed in remote areas year round. Employment becomes more difficult as the gap between the skills of the workforce and the demands on the work available increases. Second, there is the general friction that inevitably arises when the whole economy hits the accelerator.

COVID remains a very real threat, especially to those who work with them. The national vaccination rate will soon be 45 percent. However, these fees vary widely from state to state. Mississippi is fully vaccinated against 29.2% of the population, while Vermont is vaccinated against 64.5% of the population. None of the states that will abolish federal unemployment benefits this weekend beat the national average. Arkansas is the third worst state of all states at 33.5%. People in these locations may be reluctant to resume normal activities as pandemics are far from contained in some states.

Whatever the reason, many states continue to push people back into the labor market. Louisiana will be the last state to announce the end of the federal unemployment bonus, which ends on July 31st. A total of 25 of the 27 states under the leadership of the Republican Party governor will or will end federal allowances by Workers’ Day.

Most of these states are withdrawing from Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). PUA supports freelancers and self-employed people who generally do not receive any government support. PEUC supports the long-term unemployed who have run out of government benefits.

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End of Federal Unemployment Benefit Affects the local economy. States with $ 300 lower unemployment benefits are reluctant to spend their federal money on businesses. Those in need of unemployment insurance tend to quickly spend money on essentials like groceries and rent. Local businesses also don’t spend this money on stockpiling or hiring new employees. The joint economic committee of both Houses of Parliament estimates that the local economy will lose around $ 13 billion.

“With the improved unemployment insurance provided by the CARES Act, tens of millions of Americans still have food on the table, prescriptions on drug shelves, and even one of the worst recessions in our history. We could leave the light on. Many of these Americans still have deep uncertainty about the future of the economy, with more than 8 million jobs left in pre-pandemic locations. “Said the chairman Don Beyer. “If the state continues its plans to end these important programs, it will strip the ground for millions of Americans or fewer and further hamper our economic recovery.”

Employment is well below pre-pandemic levels. Unemployment is 5.8 percent as of May, down around 7.6 million from early 2020. And most of them have not returned to low-paying jobs that were lost during the pandemic 411,000 people left Last week I took out unemployment insurance for the first time. This is the lowest number since the pandemic began. (About 250,000 new jobless claims were filed in the week leading up to a typical pandemic.) Another 105,000 were filed with PUA. From the week to June 5th. Almost 15 million workers received some form of unemployment benefit.

Here’s a list of states and if their federal unemployment benefit ends at $ 300:

Alabama – June 19
Alaska – June 12th
Arizona – July 10th
Arkansas-26th June
California – September 6th
Colorado – September 6
Connecticut – September 6th
Delaware – September 6th
Florida – June 26th
Georgia – June 26th
Hawaii – September 6th
Idaho – June 19
Illinois – September 6
Indiana – June 19
Iowa – June 12
Kansas – September 6th
Kentucky – September 6th
Louisiana – July 31
Maine – September 6th
Maryland – July 3rd
Massachusetts – September 6th
Michigan – September 6
Minnesota – September 6th
Mississippi – June 12
Missouri – June 12
Montana – June 27
Nebraska – June 19
Nevada – September 6th
New Hampshire – June 19
New Jersey – September 6th
New Mexico – September 6th
New York – September 6th
North Carolina – September 6th
North Dakota – June 19
Ohio – June 26th – September 6th
Oklahoma – June 27
Oregon – September 6th
Pennsylvania – September 6th
Rhode Island – September 6th
South Carolina – June 26th
South Dakota – June 26th
Tennessee – July 3rd
Texas – June 26th
Utah-26. June
Vermont – September 6th
Virginia – September 6th
Washington – September 6th
West Virginia – June 19
Wisconsin – September 6th
Wyoming – June 19

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