Dan Folger makes his dream of touring all over the world come true

Traveling the world, taking photos, documenting everyday life is what keeps Dan Folger going every day. Despite the hustle and bustle that characterizes most of the world’s major cities, Dan refuses to give up or buckle under pressure. Nobody can disprove Folger’s claim that his decision to become a photographer depended more on passion than on the money or fame that comes with the job. Dan Folger is a 27-year-old Pittsburgh-based photographer and entrepreneur whose experiences have made him the man he is today.

Travel is a very important part of life as it is the best way to get out of your busy schedule. It’s also about experiencing life in different ways. Travel is actually a good cure for stress, anxiety, and depression. It also improves mental and physical health. We only have one life and we should thank him for making us a more advanced creature on this planet. We not only experience the beauty of nature, different regions, topographies and people. Traveling is about exploring new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals and lifestyles.

For someone who grew up in Pittsburgh, where life comes your way very quickly and without warning, Folger admits that his childhood and teenage experiences (especially those he gathered in Pittsburgh) are part of what makes him what it is Man he is today. According to him, Pittsburgh teaches many lessons, especially about the seasons, which in turn helped him understand what it’s like to get up when it’s freezing and go outside to work. At one point it was also Folger’s reality to work 7 to 3 jobs in freezing conditions. Being near the ghetto and the suburbs helped him a lot to become a plump person, and when asked if he regrets growing up in Pittsburgh, he said, “I don’t regret it or wish I did would have grown up somewhere else. “

Folger admits that veteran photographer G Derrick is his greatest inspiration in adulthood. After Derrick saw how all of YMCMB’s photo and video footage was edited at one point, Folger just wanted to grow up and be like Derrick at that time. His lifelong dream of being in the spotlight came true when he worked directly with Wiz Khalifa while recording the DayToday web series. Folger admits that this period left many positive marks on his career. Some other artists Folger has worked with include Travis Scott, Diddy, Asap Rocky, G-Eazy, and others.

People and animals alike have always been; appreciated the importance of travel. One of the greatest benefits of traveling is that it takes you on a journey to new worlds that you would never have been exposed to. When traveling, you can meet people from different cultures with different traditions and different lifestyles. On your journey and discovery of these new found worlds, take a moment to reflect not only on the differences you observe in their lifestyle and behavior, but also on the things that bind us together.

Outside of the music scene, Folger has the full focus on The GLD Shop, a lifestyle, fashion and jewelry company that he founded with his childhood friend Christian. So far, the company has endeavored to serve people who want to look good and make fashion choices that make a statement. Five years on, the company is well on its way to achieving $ 50 million in revenue before the end of this year, according to Business Insider-verified documents.

Folger has a tendency to start many new things. He often works on multiple things at once, but he’s still not the type to stop fighting his passion just because he’s overwhelmed with the work. Even with the urge to stop hanging over people’s heads, they should know that it is more beneficial to hold on and fight until the end. Taking a risk is an essential part of entrepreneurship, and every successful person has taken at least one risk in their business or life.

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