Dan Folger on a journey by images, life-style and a jewellery firm

All Dan Folger ever wanted was to travel the world, take photos and tell stories. What started out as a dream from his parents’ basement has grown exponentially, boasting a full-blown headquarters of around 20,000 square feet in Miami. This comes after years of hard work working as a cameraman for Wiz Khalifa and traveling the world curating history and memories in the process. Today he owns and operates the GLD shop, a successful lifestyle brand and jewelry company.

Dan Folger is a 27-year-old photographer and entrepreneur from Pittsburgh. According to him, life comes to you very quickly and without warning. Folger admits that his childhood and adolescent experiences from childhood in Pittsburgh made him who he is today. Life in Pittsburgh taught him about the seasons, which helped him understand what it feels like to go to work in freezing conditions. Aside from doing 7-to-3 jobs in brutal weather conditions, the ghetto and suburbs surroundings helped him immensely in becoming a versatile person. When asked if he regrets growing up in Pittsburgh, he said, “I don’t regret it and wish I had grown up somewhere else.”

Folger owes his photographic influence and inspiration to the experienced photographer G Derrick, whom he loved very much as a child. Seeing Derrick editing all of YMCMB’s photo and video recordings at the time awakened Folger’s insatiable desire to follow the same path and strive for the same opportunities. His lifelong dream of being in the spotlight came true when he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa while recording the DayToday web series. Folger admits that this period left many positive marks on his career. Some other artists Folger has worked with include Travis Scott, Diddy, Asap Rocky, G-Eazy, and more.

For Folger, his dreams are never static, they are constantly changing and dynamic, because when Folger had achieved his goal of working as a photographer, especially with Wiz Khalifa and many other A-list celebrities, Folger returned to the drawing board and realized his vision of owning a lifestyle brand and jewelry company. The GLD shop was born. And today, the jewelry powerhouse has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram thanks to its work ethic and efforts while continuing to partner with world-renowned music artists, Hollywood stars, and other famous people.

The GLD Shop specializes in celebrity-recognized and specially tailored jewelry and streetwear apparel that have made the rounds in the US and around the world. GLD came about after Folger managed to build a solid network of connections in the world of celebrities and famous people. He was then motivated to build a legacy for himself. Eventually, he decided to withdraw some money to resell jewelry with his friend Justin.

Shortly after the shop’s launch on Instagram, they integrated a clothing line into their lifestyle brand that showcases streetwear fashion. Over time, the company grew exponentially, which, according to Folger, was unexpected especially in such a short period of time. Aside from landing an impressive headquarters in Miami, the company also has celebrities and associations such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, Justin Bieber, Machine Gun Kelly, Trae Young, Smokepurpp and of course Wiz Khalifa and many others.

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