DC Academics Strike – Google Employees Union Might Go away CWA

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DC teachers are moving towards strike over unsafe reopenings

Today DC schools reopened for face-to-face teaching. However, many teachers decided to go on a “sick strike” instead and did not return to class.

Now the Washington Teachers’ Union says they are considering a strike over unsafe conditions.

“If District of Columbia schools continue to refuse to work with us to keep our school facilities safe, we must continue to discuss ways to protect our health and safety. This could include a vote to approve a strike later this week, “Washington Teachers’ Union president Elizabeth Davis said in a statement released today by the union.

For more information, see the Washington Teachers’ Union full statement.

Suburban Pittsburgh School District enters day 2 of strike

Yesterday several hundred teachers went on strike in Keystone Oaks, an affluent and growing downtown suburb of Pittsburgh.

They say that despite its good financial health, the school district is using the pandemic to demand cuts in wages and health care for employees.

“The district is still in excellent financial shape and continues to use terrible strategies instead of offering all parties a fair and equitable contract,” said the Keystone Oaks Educators Association’s statement posted on Facebook yesterday.

For more information, please visit the Keystone Oaks Educators Association Facebook page.

Google Union can part ways with CWA

Earlier this year, the Alphabet Workers Union, a novel union of the Google minority workers, was launched to great success with the support of Communication Workers of America.

Now Google employees say they may be parting ways with CWA over union democracy concerns. Zoe Schiffer has the story at Verge:

The Alphabet Workers Union (AWU) is in an uproar following the announcement of an international alliance on Monday. The Alpha Global alliance was billed as a worker-led initiative, but union members in the US said they didn’t know about it until The Verge released an exclusive initiative. This piece contained a press release from AWU board member Parul Koul that she did not write.

The news came as an unwanted surprise to union members who expect the Alphabet Workers Union to function democratically. Several sources tell The Verge that some AWU organizers are considering pushing the group to split from the Communications Workers of America (CWA), a national union that represents workers in telecommunications and media. The AWU also set up a committee to examine the role of the CWA in the announcement.

In a statement, AWU board member Auni Ahsan said: “We want to address the concerns raised, but our main focus as a union is not affiliation or disaffiliation.

See Verge for more information.

The top-down leadership scandal disrupting the Alpaphet Workers Union comes from the Communication Workers of America having questions about the cover-up of sexual misconduct in the leadership of NewsGuild, one of its subsidiaries, first from Payday Report and later reported by the New York Times.

Almost 400,000 ship workers are stranded at sea thanks to COVID

More than 400,000 ship workers have been stranded at sea and have not been able to leave their work due to the draconian measures imposed by COVID.

NPR takes a long look at the problem:

With his woolen balaclava covering most of his face [Aakib] Hodekar, [a seafarer from southern India]says the ship feels like a “sea prison”.

“I’m supposed to be on the ship for six months,” he says. “Due to the COVID, however, we have extended the contracts to eight months.”

There was every chance that could be longer if his ship left for New Zealand and Australia that night. These unexpected extensions are the new norm for seafarers around the world.

See NPR for more information.

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