Decide in dispute over the Columbus statue in Pittsburgh | Standing

Pittsburgh (AP) – A judge in western Pennsylvania mediates a dispute over the statue of explorer Christopher Columbus in Pittsburgh Park.

Allegheny County’s joint petition judge John McBay has declared a dispute between the city of Pittsburgh and an American-Italian son and daughter over the Columbus statue in Schenley Park a dead end, Tribune-Review reports.

McBay placed an order from both sides during the mediation last week to determine who will be attending, but this is not planned yet.

Last fall, the city’s crew covered a 4-meter-tall statue built in 1955 before Columbus Day. The Pittsburgh Arts Commission unanimously decided to remove the statue and Mayor Bill Peduto agreed, but Italian sons and daughters in the United States filed a case.

McBay issued an injunction to suspend removal, but stated that “historical figures are people who are inevitably accompanied by heroic qualities along with personality defects” and “Racism, slavery, prejudice must always be condemned and rejected,” he urged Parties to reach an agreement. Our city. “

The group then asked the judges to withdraw from the trial, and the court adopted “clear beliefs” in the settlement debate that were “apparently false prejudices that were quickly refuted by Columbus primary sources.” It is based on historical quotations. “Time.” The judge didn’t apply for disqualification.

The Philadelphia Arts Commission had previously cleared the way for the city to remove the 144-year-old statue of Christopher Columbus from South Philadelphia Park. The city crew placed wooden boxes around the statue after a clash between protesters and local residents.

Columbus statues are also located near Camden, NJ and Wilmington, Delaware after police killed George Floyd in Minnesota, and researchers focus on protesters during national anti-racism demonstrations. It was deleted in

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Judge in dispute over the Columbus statue in Pittsburgh | Status

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